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The Three Best Places to Hit the Water in Arizona

We have all heard stories about how extreme the summer heat can be in Arizona, as many have bragged about frying an egg off the sidewalk before the sun has even risen. Often, weather conditions of this nature forces us to ditch our work clothes for swimsuits or bikinis and head out to the water for some good fun.

Here are the three best places to hit the water in Arizona:

Lake Havasu

There is no more famous outdoor location in Arizona than Lake Havasu, as many come to challenge themselves out on the water. River rats and tourists expect to come away with a memorable experience that they can share with friends later on. Lake Havasu is one of the most-visited lakes in North more...

Choosing The Right Water Skis

When someone is interested in purchasing water skis, they soon realize there is a wide selection available. The type of skis a person should buy will depend on their intended use. Some water skis are better for competition. Others are made for recreation, and some are even designed to perform tricks. A person needs to do some research and know what water skis would be best for their skill level.

…read more…

The Top 3 Best Water Ski Helmets on the Market

Water skiing is a fun and exciting sport, but that does not mean that the safety of the person skiing can be overlooked. The following is a list of the top 3 water ski helmets on the market. Each of these helmets is guaranteed to keep the wearer safe while water skiing, and comes highly recommended by the professionals and the reviews.

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The Best Time of Year for a Ski Trip

Deciding when to plan a ski trip is like setting the date for an outdoor wedding – Mother Nature is the ultimate arbiter of whether a good time is had by all. While many avid skiers choose to live close to mountainous areas, for those who must travel choosing the perfect time for a ski vacation is a risky endeavor. Many a vacation has been ruined by inadequate snow coverage. Before booking a ski trip make sure to take the time of year, snowfall, and overall type of experience into consideration.

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Solar Powered Ski Lifts??

Solar Powered Ski Lifts Are Now Part Of The Skiing World

Ski lifts are part of the vertical transportation industry. For years, the industry has looked for a way to increase its energy efficiency. Solar power has shown itself to be one of the most popular forms of energy for ski lift vertical transportation. The ability to use solar power depends quite a bit on the climate where it is located as well as the financial resources that are available to build it. The initial installation of a solar powered ski life is much more expensive than one that operates on conventional power. Return on investment occurs with significantly lower energy costs when being operated.

Swiveling Solar Panels

A more...

Five Tips to Introduce Kids to Skiing and Snowboarding

“Let’s go skiing! What’s taking you so long? We want to be at the hill early!”

My parents heard us hounding them every Saturday morning during ski season with this plaintive wail.

It was cold outside. They had both worked hard all week. In retrospect I understand that they might have preferred to sleep in a little longer. Yet they found themselves subjected to two pre-teen offspring who were enthusiastically raring to hit the slopes. How did they find themselves in this situation? (Incidentally, it was a situation that they were glad to find themselves in. They, too, loved to ski. We knew that!)

How did they instill this desire within us? Clearly it is because more...

Spring Preview: Best Water Sports Gear 2016

Spring is right around the corner. After a winter of hitting the slopes, it’s almost time to head to the lake or the shore once again. There are some great products out there to suit your needs whether you’re into water skiing, paddleboarding or tubing. Let’s look at some sweet gear that you need to know about this spring and summer so you can own the water and look good doing it.

HO Sports Men’s Syndicate S2 Water Ski

If you are serious about water skiing, then you need a serious set of skis. The Syndicate S2 is designed with speed in mind. The S2 has a few unique design features more...


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