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10 Hacks for Surviving a Day on the Mountains

10 Hacks for Surviving a Day on the Mountains

Having a fun day on the slopes takes more than just putting on skis and choosing a trail. With a few simple hacks, skiers can dramatically improve their experience.

1. Clip Passes to Helmets
It’s common for skiers to clip their passes onto their jackets or pants. While this works, it’s easy to forget to switch the pass when putting on clothes for the day. Since most skiers bring one helmet, clipping the pass to that makes them less likely to forget their passes.

2. Watch Where Those Goggles Go
Skiers should avoid putting their goggles on top of hats or helmets, as this causes them to steam up. If goggles do steam up, one easy way to clean them is placing them underneath those bathroom hand dryers.

3. Loosen Boots on the First Run
When skiers keep their boots a bit loose on their first run, it gets them perfectly centered. For safety, this should only be done on a relaxed first run.

4. Pack Gear in Other Gear
Ski gear takes up quite a bit of luggage space. Putting clothes, glasses, and goggles inside of boots and gloves allows skiers to get the most out of their space. It’s also good for both fragile gear, which gets a layer of protection, and the boots, which maintain their shape because they can’t get crushed.

5. Duct Tape Is Always Useful
Duct tape is versatile and easy to carry around. To save space, skiers can wrap it around their ski pulls. It’s invaluable for patching up tears in jackets or gloves.

6. Carry a Tube of Chapstick
Chapstick is another useful item, and it’s so small that it hardly takes up any space. The obvious use is to protect lips, but skiers can also apply it to the face, the inside of the nostrils, and on blisters or cuts. It’s even good for lubricating a problematic jacket zipper.

7. Use Contact Lens Cases for Small Liquids
It’s a good idea to pack sunscreen and hand lotion for a day at the slopes, but carrying around bottles or tubes is inconvenient. Skiers can save space in their pockets by putting small amounts of liquids in contact lens cases.

8. Mark Gear so It’s Easy to Spot
Looking for gear in a sea of black bags is no fun. Skiers can find their gear much more quickly by marking it. Wrapping a brightly colored bandana or strap around a bag works well, or even simply putting some of the aforementioned duct tape on it.

9. Bring the Right Snacks
The ideal snacks for skiing are those that can handle the cold and are solid enough that they won’t get crushed easily. Apples are an excellent choice, and crackers and sandwiches can both work, as well. Granola bars are another great portable snack, or protein bars for a more nutritious option.

10. Put Tea Bags or Dryer Sheets in Boots Overnight
After a day of absorbing sweat, boots tend to have an odor. Skiers can keep their boots smelling nice every day by placing tea bags or dryer sheets inside them overnight. Both options absorb the odor and leave the boots smelling great in the morning.

Skiers tend to pick up tricks to improve their experience the more they ski. These 10 hacks serve as an excellent starting point.

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