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Cable Park Wakeboard System for Ski Pro Rail Jam

Cable Park Wakeboard System for Ski Pro Rail Jam

Arizona’s Premiere Wakeboarding Competition is this Saturday, May 19th. Check out the SCablebahn that will be at the Ski Pro Bing Bang Rail Jam! 

Ski Pro Rail Jam New
This event is a pool party and sale, so wear your pool attire and save up to 60% off on the hottest gear! The Rail Jam kicks off at 5pm!

Check out the video from the 2011 Ski Pro Rail Jam!

1924 West 8th Street
Mesa Riverview Shopping Center
On the corner of Dobson and 8th St.


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  1. they are definitely worth the money you pay for them, even if you only olncsiocalay ride, the first and foremost is the tower, or at least a 5 to 6 tall eyepole installed on the boat that is your biggest purchase which can run up to $1000 or more depending on the company you buy it from. it gives you a higher point to work from (and takes less stress off the boat to allow it to get on plane faster rather than plowing water for a couple of minutes to pull you out and up to your feet, especially if you’re using an I/o {inboard/outboard boat} which doesn’t have nearly the horsepower an inboard or wakeboard boat has: 125hp + for I/O, 200-300+ for inboards wakeboard boats) of and keep good tension on the line when attempting tricks otherwise you’ll have a harder time keeping the slack out of the rope, which is crucial for getting good height and pop off the wake to clear it, plus you’ll have to work harder thus physically wearing yourself out quicker, the tower works better than an eyepole because theres not as much flex with the usual pyramid style mounting design, meaning it’s bolted directly into the top or sides of the boat (getting an adjustable tower for multiple boat designs is your best bet here); an eyepole is mounted in the center or back of the boat and can or will be anchored by ropes, but you’ll still have a lot of flex since there’s a single, central focal point for the tension from the line to come from.Spectra rope is pretty stretchy and doesn’t maintain tension all that well, Dyneema is a better, more durable type of rope. you want a rope that is stretchy enough to give you the snap you need to pull off a trick, but still maintain it’s consistancy since it should return to it’s original position once the tension is released, whereas Spectra will continue to stretch and wear out eventually it can also tend to snag more and knot up into a complete rat’s nest much easier than Dyneema, just make sure you allow the rope to loosen behind the boat before you roll it back up to put it away, or it’ll twist up on you like a pretzelI like to use Accurate A-line (@ or the StraightLine Team (Liquid ropes as my tow rope choices since they have a good stiffness and durability. not to mention what a big difference that a good carbon fiber handle will do for you when put to good use along with the ropeit is expensive to get the right gear, but it definitely makes it harder on the rider(s) without them

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