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Category: New products

We boast an incredible selection of gear and equipment from over 100 of the most popular brands on the market. With favorites like Columbia, Burton, Speedo, and K2, it does not matter if you are into wheels, water, or  snow; we have all of the gear and equipment you need. Check out our brands here!


Alright friends – it’s rocker time, and I’m not talking about burned out, eighties hair bands.  This is about K2 snowboards bringing you yet another tree slashing, kicker stomping, rail slayer!  New for 2010 is the K2 Parkstar Snowboard, a subtle variation of the tried-and-true k2 Darkstar Snowboard.  The two are alike in every regard but one, Jib Rocker vs. Camber.  Anyone who’s ridden a Darkstar will tell you it kills EVERYTHING!  Enter the Parkstar.  Now you’ve got a board with quick edge to edge response, solid pop, and a buttery feel.  This not too stiff, not too soft true twin offers riders of all ability levels a board that is both easy and fun.  Personally, I admire a company that is creative enough to build a topsheet out of P-Tex.  That, for me, is the most innovative feature of these boards.  For smaller riders like myself, I only weigh 150 lbs wearing my gear, the Darkstar has always been my favorite board in K2’s lineup.  But now, I think I’ve found a new love.  So stop by the shop and see for yourself what a difference one letter can make . . .



Get a great deal on a 08/09 K2 Darkstar while supply lasts.

08/09 K2 Darkstar snowboard at

08/09 K2 Darkstar wide snowboard at


08/09 K2 Darkstar snowboard at

08/09 K2 Darkstar Wide snowboard at


K2 Parkstar snowboard blog on dealerskate

K2  Parkstar snowboard blog on






The number of passengers on this bandwagon seems to be growing by the day. With Lib Tech’s introduction of the skate banana two years ago, the snowboard industry seems to have “reversed” its’ thinking so to speak. Now rocker is everywhere. Never Summer, K2, Ride, 5150, and even the mighty Burton, to name just a handful, have also stepped into the realm of reverse-camber construction. This season will showcase more rocker boards than ever before and the technology has reached even the most tried-and-true snowboards of years past.

Modifying what some would call the board of all boards, Burton has added their new V-Rocker design to the legendary Custom. After more than a decade of strong sales and rider appreciation, the Custom has sprung forth with a new look and feel. How can you improve upon something that has already reached the pinnacle of all-mountain performance as well as ease of use? Well the call of the day seems to be, “Add rocker to that thing!”

Burton has also added a few less noticeable, but equally effective, upgrades to the Custom V-Rocker lineup. New for the Custom this year is the Sintered N2O WFO base utilizing both high and low temperature waxes impregnated into a high-density sintered material offering even more speed, regardless of conditions. Burton is also throwing Lightning Bolts into the mix. These are energy transfer lines woven into the fiberglass that run from the ICS channel to the edges providing quicker response and better edge precision. Also new to the Custom, and only available on the V-Rocker, are Burton’s Pressure Distribution Edges, again offering better edge hold in icy, hard conditions. The V-Rocker is offered in five sizes, some of which have been unavailable in the standard Custom line, and all come in mid-wide waist widths as well as slightly softer flexes.

These new V-Rocker Customs have been received with much fanfare and big smiles from those of us lucky enough to have already ridden them. Rocker boards offer a new and different feel providing better float in powder, quicker release when spinning off jumps, more buttery flex, and plain old fun. Speaking from my own experience, the Custom has always been one of the most versatile, exciting, and easy-to-ride boards ever built. Now, it’s even better. Rock on Burton . . .


Carrying forward the “one-touch” concept that debuted last year, Ride Snowboards is updating and expanding their Contraband binding lineup. As many of you have seen, Ride is pioneering a new single strap/ratchet technology aimed at improving both ease-of-use and performance. With the addition of Ride’s new “V-Strap” system to the already light-weight MVMNT chassis, riders now have but one set of clicks to adjust, freeing up more time for turns.

The Ride Contraband binding setup has received mixed reviews from developers, testers, and consumers, although most riders find them quite comfortable and user-friendly when adjusted properly. Most complaints are the direct result of improper adjustment, or lack thereof, giving the rider an unbalanced perspective on the Contraband’s performance. I would HIGHLY recommend you watch Ride’s online tutorial and visit a reputable shop before making a full judgment on the Contraband binding’s capabilities. Once tweaked appropriately for their particular boot, most riders refuse another binding. Remember, it’s all in the setup.

Updates on the Ride Contraband for the 2009/2010 season include new Comfort-Flex highbacks, urethane Rollbar basepads, previously seen on the Alpha and Beta MVMNT bindings, and most noticeably, the Wedgie 2.5 footbeds. Ride now offers four levels of canted, or angled, footbeds designed to suit any riders’ style. With the 1.5, 2.5, 3.0, or 4.0 footbeds, riders can quickly and easily adjust their underfoot angle improving control, drive, and pop. These optional footbeds work particularly well for those of us who ride a wide stance and, interestingly enough, can be swapped between any binding in the lineup excluding the LX, LXh, and junior bindings.


Ride Snowboards now offers a boot for the bigger footed rider…much, much, bigger.

Professional NBA player Shaquille O’Neal has a size twenty-two, Karl Malone is a size 18, and Tim Duncan can squeeze his foot into a size 16 shoe, so what’s a big guy who wants to ride going to do when most snowboard companies only manufacture their boots up to a size 15? Well, Ride Snowboards has decided to step in and champion the side of the big-footed rider. With the 2009/2010 snowboard season getting into full swing the guy who could never find a boot big enough to accommodate his big-foot now has a real option. Introducing the Ride Bigfoot Boot, manufactured in sizes sixteen to twenty (Sorry no half sizes) and retailing at $259.99, it has been made specifically for that guy. It has a full Intuition Foam liner and internal J Bars to maximize heal hold, the liner has also been coated with Aegis anti microbial coating in case you are also a big foot that sweats a lot, and the inner liner displays a handy Lock Down Speed Lace with secure fit harness that is super easy to use. The Outer lace utilizes traditional laces, but is great for adjustability in key pressure points. Now you have no reason not to get out there and Ride, just try to avoid wearing a bear suit as you may be confused for someone or something else and scare the kiddies. Check out the Ride Bigfoot Snowboard Boots, because size does matter!

Available at


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