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Category: Skate Dealer

We boast an incredible selection of gear and equipment from over 100 of the most popular brands on the market. With favorites like Columbia, Burton, Speedo, and K2, it does not matter if you are into wheels, water, or  snow; we have all of the gear and equipment you need. Check out our brands here!

Homicide Skateboard Ads

Here’s a look at Homicide Skateboards’ recent ads featured in AZ Steez Magazine. Look out for more ads featuring new team riders soon!

 Ryan battled this trick through two trips to this spot, hungover both times, but came away with this gem. Getting creative skating a spot that most op to either bring the board with them over the rail, or not skate at all. (Photo by Russ Powell)

Team Rider Ryan "Froggie" Fruge'

Team Rider Ryan "Froggie" Fruge'

Dashawn skated hard at this Homicide demo, and after a few attempts at this trick with no luck, he had all but given up. That is until a go-ped showed up, and towed him in from the other side of the parking lot at high speeds to give him the air he needed to clear the planter. (Photo by Russ Powell)

Team Rider Dashawn Jordan

Team Rider Dashawn Jordan


machete-162-thumbnailRide Snowboards continues to improve the technology in their boards while keeping the prices at a reasonable level. A great example of Ride’s latest technology is the new Ride Machete Snowboard.  This board is loaded with all the new technology including radial blendz side cut, slime wall, and lowrize technology.  It is set up with a centered stance and a twin flex.  The Ride Machete is the ultimate freestyle board.  The board is loaded and retails for $409.95. 


Ride Snowboards

Ride Machete Snowboard

Ride Snowboards available at

Ride Snowboards available at

Ride Contraband binding blog

Ride Contraband binding available at



Last year Never Summer Snowboards began manufacturing their very own skate decks, offering Never Summer Longboards as complete setups in a variety of sizes and riding styles.  This year they are producing an even better array of longboards.  Amazingly, Never Summer gives their skateboards the same 3 year warranty they slap on their snowboards!  These things are indestructible! Well almost. All models include P-Tex tip and tail protectors and Paris trucks.


Never Summer has made available some demo boards for customers to take for a cruise. Here in the Phoenix area Ski Pro is currently offering a two day demo rental for ONLY $10!!!  Additionally, you can apply the cost of your rental (up to $20) towards the purchase of any Never Summer complete in the store! For those of you lucky enough to be living someplace cooler that Phoenix you should check out your local board shops to see if they have a demo program for these boards.



(** $75 deposit required in the form of a credit card or personal check with ID.  No Cash! And you must be at least 18)


These new models from Never Summer include:

Eclipse pintail, Descent twin-tip flex deck, Heist drop-thru flex deck



New for 2010 is the K2 Parkstar Snowboard, a subtle variation of the tried-and-true k2 Darkstar Snowboard.  The two are alike in every regard but one, Jib Rocker vs. Camber. With the new K2, Jib Rocker  construction added to this board K2 delivers a super potent snowboard that will put a grin on almost any rider.


For more info about the K2 Parkstar check out the dealersnowboards blog


Save big on a last years K2 Darkstar snowboard at:

08/09 K2 Darkstar snowboard at

08/09 K2 Darkstar wide snowboard at

08/09 K2 Darkstar snowboard at

08/09 K2 Darkstar Wide snowboard at


The best values in snowboarding are still available. You can save a bundle on 08/09 Forum Snowboards like the: Forum Recon , Forum Raider , Forum Youngblood , Forum Destroyer Forum Spinster . These were all great sellers during the 08/09 season, and while the supply lasts you can save big on these high performance snowboards.


Checkout the DealerSnowboards blog about Forum Snowboards.


Shop for all Forum Snowboard products at

Shop for all Forum Snowboard products at



Whenever you are looking for skateboards to buy, you are more than likely going to come across blank skateboards. There is not just one company that makes blank skateboards, so you do not always know what kind of board you are getting. However, this is not always a bad thing.

Things to Look For In Blank Skateboards

The first thing that you need to look for is what kind of wood the blank skateboards are made out of. If there are no markings on it, then you may have to ask the owner of the skateboard shop you are in. He or she may be able to tell you want kind of wood the boards are made from. If you do not know this already, the best kind of wood to have a board made from is maple. If it is not made from hard maple, then it is going to be made out of a much softer wood. It kind of goes without saying, that if it’s made from a softer wood, then it is not going to last you as long. Now, if you are not going to be doing any tricks with your blank skateboards, then it does not matter. However, if you are more aggressive, then you will want the board to be made of maple.

Some people get upset when you buy blank skateboards, because you are not supporting pro skating. It goes without saying as well, that the pro skateboards are a lot better than the blank ones. They have been treated to be used aggressively and go through a lot of tricks. Of course, if you are not gong to be doing that kind of stuff, then it does not really matter. Blank skateboards usually come with blank wheels and other things like that.

Positive Side to Buying Blank Skateboards

Buying blank skateboards can be both good and bad. The best thing about blank skateboards is the fact that they do not cost a lot of money. They are very cheap. Of course, this is not always going to be a high selling point for everyone. After all, if you have the money to buy a pro skateboard, then you may want to buy that one first. If you want to start skating right away and you need some cash, then blank skateboards could be perfect for you.

Keep in mind that all skateboards can break. The pro skate boards can break just like the blank ones can break. The main thing to keep in mind is the fact that you just need to make sure that you know that the blank skateboards do not have the same pop to them. That means that when doing tricks, it is easier to break them in half.

Blank skateboards are here to help everyone be able to afford a skateboard. Just because you do not have a lot of money does not mean that you can not buy a skateboard. Just get some blank skateboards and be sure to go a little easier on them. Over time, you will learn what you can and can not do with blank skateboards. Also, you will learn why some of the pro ones are better. However, just because you spend more money on something does not mean its going to last longer. The blank ones can last just as long if treated right.

For great deals on Blank Skateboard Decks go to or CLICK HERE for Blank Decks starting at $14.95 with FREE SHIPPING

Blank Skate Decks

There are many different reasons to love blank skateboards and blank decks. These reasons vary depending on who you are and what you hope to accomplish with blank versions of these objects. Ultimately however, most people tend to find blanks advantageous to the other options and there are a few important reasons as to why this is so.


The first reason for this is price. Money is usually important when these types of decisions are made and ultimately when you purchase something that is blank rather than designed, the price is usually cheaper. This cheaper price ends up being advantageous not just to people that are interested in saving money on a purchase, but also to people that would like to make their own designs because they then have the extra money leftover to make that purchase. Price is definitely one of the most important advantageous to ordering these products blank.


In addition to price, creativity is an advantage that blank products carry with them. Not only are you going to get the chance to design your own skateboard or deck from scratch, but at the same time you are going to be able to create a design that is completely to your liking. If you are an artistic minded individual, then getting something that is to your liking pre-designed is not that easy to do. If you have a blank canvas to work with however, then the sky becomes the limit.


Skateboards and decks by their very nature are fun things, but when you consider being able to design one from scratch what you find is that the fun element is raised to an exponential level relatively speaking. Being able to have fun designing your skateboard or deck before you get the chance to enjoy it for its primary use is something that people have just begun to discover and most people that do it find that they enjoy it very much.

Blending In

While the creative advantages inherent to this type of purchase have already been elaborated upon, another set of advantages has to do with the idea of blending in. While there are many people that are not artistically minded, a number of people in that group are also people that don’t like overly artistic designs for anything that they purchase. Blank skateboards and decks allow for a level of blending in that one does not normally get to do with artistic designs and that is an aspect of the blankness that appeals to a number of people that make those purchases.


Whether the customer is interested in having some more fun, being creative, saving some money or just blending into the crowd, the one conclusion that has to be reached in this area is the one that supports the excellence of blank Skate products and the superiority that is inherent to them over their well-designed counterparts. This is why their sales continue to go up as time goes by.

Bulk Discounted Blank Decks

Bulk Discounted Blank Decks


Liquid Force Wakeboards has introduced their new high tech light weight collection of wakeboards. These new boards use some of the most advanced manufacturing techniques to produce these ultra light wakeboards. FLY Lyman , FLY Shane , FLY S4 , FLY Watson. All of these boards are sure to give you that “I can fly” feeling, every time you launch off the wake.

For more on these high flying boards check out this blog:


Pro Blank Skateboard Decks (Bulk Pricing Available)

With the downfall of the US economy we are starting to see more and more skate shops close their doors ) :  A sad site for many, some of these “mom and pop” shops have been around for 15 plus years. The smaller shops are not the only ones to taking a hit in this economic devastation, but bigger chain stores such as some “unnamed Mall stores” have closed down dozens of Store front locations nation wide.

Is skateboarding Dead you ask?  Has it become so mainstream that those of us who have given our blood, sweat, and tears to not only a way of life, but a addictivly acquired phenomenon just SH*T out of luck? Well look for your self…. Parents who had once upon a time givin there kids baseball mitts, and tackle football gear are now instead giving those same kids Skateboards. Our new found youth now has the option (in any economy) to do what they want, when they want to do it by expressing themself in skateboarding.  In many cases Skateboarding not only teaches the key to adversity, but in some cultures is considered the new development of individuality.  

If you love Skateboarding then do what makes you happy. Purchase gear that helps keep skateboarding alive but doesnt necessarily empty your wallet! We know times are tough, but skateboarding will never die!!!! Support what you beleive in and things will get better.  We are in this situation for many reasons. You be the judge and do whats best to make the situation better

Here is an Expample listed below of how we plan to “keep the wheels rolling”

Once looked down upon mainly because its nonspecific appearance, PRODUCTS such as BLANK DECKS, BLANK WHEELS, and BLANK TRUCKS have all played a great roll in keeping our skateboard industry alive. Blank Skateboard Decks not only give skaters the chance to keep the wheels rolling, but they also give Skateboarders the opportunity to purchase quality skateboard products at an affordable price. This does not mean to just throw in the towel and stop buying name brand gear. What is does mean is if your pockets are light and your skate gear is bunk, you can skate products made of the same materials for a much more affordable price. For bulk pricing and discounts on Pro Blank Skateboard Trucks, Decks, and Wheels Please CLICK HERE or go to for 7 ply Canadian Maple Pro Decks Starting at just $14.95 (FREE SHIPPING)



Ski Pro of Mesa puts on a couple demo days each year bringing out boarders of all types and ages. This year’s rail jam was sponsored by our good friends at Red Bull and NextGen Winches

Check out these other great blogs:





Original Article Posted at :

With the economy doing poorly and businesses great and small falling under ever increasing economic pressure, it is no small wonder that skate shops are suffering. Popular names such as Alliance and smaller, local shops like Curbside both falter and then fall in light of monetary difficulties. However, that’s not to say that some places aren’t doing well throughout these trying times.

Skaters all over need a place to purchase boards, hardware, stickers and their favorite colored grip tape, despite these missing shops. Someone has to fill that gap and Ski Pro manages to do so with interesting results. Located on 21st street and Camelback, your first impression is that the place is cool, current and energetic but what does it have to do with skating? Quite a bit, it turns out.

Tucked away in the back corner of the store is a section devoted to skateboarding. The back wall is plastered with a small selection of boards, several of which are local companies like Old Man Army: boards designed for the 35+ skate scene and bearing unique, original designs, or Zombie: boards that are more like your traditional deck layout. Ski Pro keeps their own distributor decks here, too called Homicide and they’ve got a selection of blanks that will make your jaw drop.

The shop may be out of the way but it is well worth the visit. Here’s one reason. Their blanks start at $16.95 and their own Homicides at a mere $29.95. After putting it all together it was possible to make a complete board for $43.28 after tax; this included wheels, trucks, bearings, grip, the deck. Everything. For those who don’t know, that’s less than the price of a standard name brand deck- and nothing else. Furthermore Ski Pro provides modest support for local skate companies and even carries AZ Steez (a regional Skateboarding magazine).

This doesn’t mean that skaters can’t pick up more popular name brands like Creature or Plan B, articles of clothing or backpacks. But shoes were no where in site. With that said, it seems like Ski Pro has a small but worthwhile assortment of skateboarding supplies, a friendly, knowledgeable staff and great deals. So go check them out. You might be surprised at what you find.


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