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Category: Snowboard Dealer

Hyperlite Process Wakeboard

Hyperlite Process Wakeboard is a free style shape that releases easily off the wake while not sacrificing any of the pop in a 3-stage rocker line.  Hyperlite Process Wakeboard features a thinner overall profile for maximum weight reduction and better flex. Still the board of choice for many of our A-Team athletes the Hyperlite Process Wakeboard’s molded in fins and cupped rails truly deliver a solid edge hold even on short approaches. The concave footbed quickens your response time when transitioning from one edge to another and the reduced tip and tail weight make spinning a breeze. The Hyperlight Process Wakeboard has a Enduro Base, utilizing an exclusive material that is the lightest and most durable we offer.

Hyperlite Process Wakeboard

Hyperlite Ladies Eden Wakeboard

Hyperlite Ladies Eden Wakeboard series is a shape that you don’t have to learn how to ride, it will perform comfortably for all ability levels and styles. The Hyperlite Ladies Eden Wakeboard is shaped differently from edge to edge helping a rider compensate for the awkwardness edging, jumping and landing on a toeside edge. Our subtle 3-stage rocker provides a great pop off the wake while remaining a smooth carver.  Hyperlite Ladies Eden Wakeboard is a great board for riders getting into the sport or those who are looking for advancement in their skills on the board.

Hyperlite Ladies Eden Wakeboard

Buy this product online.


For those of you out there with either the Ride EX or VXn snowboard bindings from this past season (2008/2009), you may have had the unpleasant experience of losing one or both of your toe strap adjustment lock levers. I’m talking about the little screw with a plastic lever that flips up and down giving you the ability to adjust the length of your toe straps. Ride Snowboards has informed us that one particular manufacturing run of both the EX and VXn snowboard bindings, including all colorways, had the lock levers cut too short to make enough contact for a secure fit, and consequently they may come unscrewed.

Ride has given us enough replacement levers to accommodate any customers needs. If you have experienced this problem with your Ride EX or VXn snowboard bindings, feel free to come to any one of our three Ski Pro locations and we will gladly help you replace your hardware. If you are outside our local area, please contact us via phone (480-962-6910) or email ( with any questions.

Please remember, this was a manufacturing error that can be quickly remedied. Don’t let a bad screw ruin your day or your judgment of a fantastic binding. Now is a great time to fix them for free so you can be ready to shred as soon as the snow falls!

For a great deal on Ride Snowboard Bindings check out Dealer Snowboards


Snowboards introduces the ultimate freestyle snowboard into their line this year. The Ride Machete Snowboard is the most hooked up shred the gnarr bar board you can get. They loaded the board with all the techy stuff like slime wall, protuned core, and carbon array three. Also Ride Snowboards added the lowrize rocker coupled with the radial blendz side cut. The lowrize rocker is different than most reverse camber boards. Instead of just simply adding a rocker line all the way through the board, Ride took a different approach. They kept the board flat in-between the bindings and raised the contact points just enough so they aren’t catching the snow all the time. This will keep the boards liveliness but reduce the hook as well as provide a solid and stable landing platform.

This year Ride slapped a super steezy graphic on the Machete provided by Morning Breath Inc. Morning Breath Inc. is an awesome company out of Brooklyn and has a rich history in graffiti and skateboard design. The Ride Machete graphic is definitely an eye catcher and will match any crazy set of bindings you want to throw on there.

Ride Snowboards

Ride Machete Snowboard

Ride Snowboards available at

Ride Snowboards available at

Ride Contraband binding blog

Ride Contraband binding available at


Jimbo Slice


Alright friends – it’s rocker time, and I’m not talking about burned out, eighties hair bands.  This is about K2 snowboards bringing you yet another tree slashing, kicker stomping, rail slayer!  New for 2010 is the K2 Parkstar Snowboard, a subtle variation of the tried-and-true k2 Darkstar Snowboard.  The two are alike in every regard but one, Jib Rocker vs. Camber.  Anyone who’s ridden a Darkstar will tell you it kills EVERYTHING!  Enter the Parkstar.  Now you’ve got a board with quick edge to edge response, solid pop, and a buttery feel.  This not too stiff, not too soft true twin offers riders of all ability levels a board that is both easy and fun.  Personally, I admire a company that is creative enough to build a topsheet out of P-Tex.  That, for me, is the most innovative feature of these boards.  For smaller riders like myself, I only weigh 150 lbs wearing my gear, the Darkstar has always been my favorite board in K2’s lineup.  But now, I think I’ve found a new love.  So stop by the shop and see for yourself what a difference one letter can make . . .



Get a great deal on a 08/09 K2 Darkstar while supply lasts.

08/09 K2 Darkstar snowboard at

08/09 K2 Darkstar wide snowboard at


08/09 K2 Darkstar snowboard at

08/09 K2 Darkstar Wide snowboard at


K2 Parkstar snowboard blog on dealerskate

K2  Parkstar snowboard blog on






Well friends, it’s summer once again; a time for rest and recovery, swimming pools and lakes, and sadly enough, snowboard hibernation.  But don’t lose hope just yet.  Despite the heat, we’ve been able to bring some cool deals to those of you already preparing for the coming season.  If you’re looking for low prices, on Forum Snowboards, and who isn’t in this economy, we are here for you!  With deep discounts and a wide selection, our stock of 2008/2009 Forum snowboards for men, women, and kids is sure to please.  Whether looking for your first setup or adding another board to the quiver, we have rides to accommodate everyone’s needs.  From the Recon and Raider to the Youngblood and Destroyer, we’ve got you covered.  And the Scheme is primed for you all-mountain slashers.  The Aura and Spinster will keep the ladies shredding from open to close while groms can tear apart the park on the Mini Youngblood.  For those in the know, the limited edition Hundreds collaboration is ready to go.  We even have some of the 2007/2008 LRG and Luxirie limited editions as well!  So don’t let the high temps bring you down.  It’s only a few more months till the snow starts to fly once more!



Forum Snowboards

Forum Recon

Forum Raider

Forum Youngblood

Forum Destroyer

Forum Spinster

Shop for all Forum Snowboard products at

Shop for all Forum Snowboard products at




line continues to achieve excellence with their introduction of the FLY wakeboards. These boards are the sickest and the lightest on the market, trust me I’m not one to go for obnoxious marketing techniques. I personally weighed these boards on a precision wakeboard scale (aka bathroom scale) and they were all well under six pounds. The best part about the FLY boards is that you can choose from eight different models. Now you can have the lightest board on the market that suits your style of riding. If you’re an explosive rider that shoots to the flats every time you will want to peep the new Liquid force FLY Lyman wakeboard. If you’re a super steezy rider like Mr. Bonifay himself then be sure to check out the FLY Shane. Also be sure to check out the great Phillip Soven’s new board shape the FLY S4.

The board I will be riding this year with be the FLY Watson from Liquid Force. This all around super smooth yet aggressive wakeboard is a must have for the serious wakeboarder. I have been riding the Watson pro model for a couple of years now and absolutely love it. This year I upgraded to the FLY Watson and so far no regrets at all. The board is super aggressive when you want it to be, but also smooth enough so it doesn’t wear you out. The shorter molded in fins allow the board to release from the wake early so you have plenty of time to complete your trick. I’m so stoked to be riding the new FLY Watson board. I paired the board up with the Watson pro model closed toed wakeboard boots and now officially have the sickest set up on the lake. These wakeboard boots are stylely and insanely comfortable. They have just the right amount of response and incredible support. I’m super amped on how the 2009 wake season has been and can’t wait to get out on the lake again. Thanks to for getting me set up on my board and boots.


Jimbo Slice


So, by now I’m sure you’ve heard of Magne-Traction, Mervin’s proprietary technology that has helped skyrocket their business to interstellar heights.  To many people, MTX is simply a wavy edge that some way, some how gives a board incredible carving ability across any type of terrain and at the same time silences the little voice in the back of your mind forever reminding you of the possibility that you might lose it on that next Super G turn.  I like to tell people, “It’s like power steering for your snowboard.”  Whether you know how it works or not, you probably want to keep it working.  No worries!  ONEBALLJAY and Lib-Tech have joined forces to create a snowboard tuning tool specifically for you!  Appropriately called the Magne-Traction Tuning Tool, this handy little file will keep those edges turning ice into powder all season long!


For those of you familiar with Do-It-Yourself tuning, you might be looking at this tool thinking, “It’s just a shorter file.  WTF?  I’ll go ahead and use the longer one I already have.”  WRONG!  This hand file is short for a reason.  Anything longer than this and you won’t make full contact with the edges; you’ll bottom out in between the “peaks” if you will.  This may seem silly or trivial, but over time using the incorrect file will most certainly diminish the effectiveness of your MTX.  But remember that while this is a great “quick fix” solution, there is nothing better than a full-tune performed by trained professionals.  So if you don’t have access to a shop knowledgeable in the ways of MTX, or simply prefer to get ‘er done yourself, swoop up one of these MTX Tuning Tools, sharpen those edges, and start carving uphill my friends.  And by the way, this tool is most effective when used while wearing an official Lib-Tech Banana Hat . . .


Snowboard tuning tools available at Dealer


This is a video description of the new 08/09 K2 Moment women’s snowboard and its features brought to you by SKIPRO DOT COM


Burton snowboards has decided to follow Lib Tech’s lead by introducing their version of  the skate banana reverse rocker snowboard. Burton has named their version of this technology V-Rocker. Burton will be using this V-Rocker design on several new models including the revamped Burton Custom V Rocker. This re-mixed version of the classic Burton Custom has received rave reviews from those that were lucky enough to try out a new one before the end of  last season.

For more information on the Burton Custom V Rocker check out the blog on

Check out this video about reverse camber.


Ride Snowboards is introducing the new  and expanded Contraband binding lineup. Ride is pioneering a new single strap/ratchet technology for their snowboard binding collection aimed at improving both ease-of-use and performance.  With the addition of Ride’s new “V-Strap” system to the already light-weight MVMNT chassis, riders now have but one set of clicks to adjust, freeing up more time for turns.

The Ride Contraband Binding is getting very positive reviews from riders if they set up their bindings correctly. You should check out the Ride Contraband Binding set up video to get the straight story on how to set up

these bindings.

To read more about the Ride Contraband Bindings check out: blog.

To purchase a pair of the 08/09 contraband bindings click here.


The number of passengers on this bandwagon seems to be growing by the day. With Lib Tech’s introduction of the skate banana two years ago, the snowboard industry seems to have “reversed” its’ thinking so to speak. Now rocker is everywhere. Never Summer, K2, Ride, 5150, and even the mighty Burton, to name just a handful, have also stepped into the realm of reverse-camber construction. This season will showcase more rocker boards than ever before and the technology has reached even the most tried-and-true snowboards of years past.

Modifying what some would call the board of all boards, Burton has added their new V-Rocker design to the legendary Custom. After more than a decade of strong sales and rider appreciation, the Custom has sprung forth with a new look and feel. How can you improve upon something that has already reached the pinnacle of all-mountain performance as well as ease of use? Well the call of the day seems to be, “Add rocker to that thing!”

Burton has also added a few less noticeable, but equally effective, upgrades to the Custom V-Rocker lineup. New for the Custom this year is the Sintered N2O WFO base utilizing both high and low temperature waxes impregnated into a high-density sintered material offering even more speed, regardless of conditions. Burton is also throwing Lightning Bolts into the mix. These are energy transfer lines woven into the fiberglass that run from the ICS channel to the edges providing quicker response and better edge precision. Also new to the Custom, and only available on the V-Rocker, are Burton’s Pressure Distribution Edges, again offering better edge hold in icy, hard conditions. The V-Rocker is offered in five sizes, some of which have been unavailable in the standard Custom line, and all come in mid-wide waist widths as well as slightly softer flexes.

These new V-Rocker Customs have been received with much fanfare and big smiles from those of us lucky enough to have already ridden them. Rocker boards offer a new and different feel providing better float in powder, quicker release when spinning off jumps, more buttery flex, and plain old fun. Speaking from my own experience, the Custom has always been one of the most versatile, exciting, and easy-to-ride boards ever built. Now, it’s even better. Rock on Burton . . .


If you’re interested in snowboarding, the summer months can be a drag for obvious reasons. But if you have the desire — and the money to get there — you can find some real meccas for the summer snowboarder. Here are some of the best places in the world to get your summer fix from sweet lady snow.
Mt Hood, OR–Perhaps the place for American snowboarding over the summer months. There are a number of places to stay while at Mt. Hood, but one good location is Windells — a Snowboard Camp, Skateboard Camp, Ski Camp, and Winter Camp all rolled into one.

Windells Camp at Mt. Hood is the place for snowboard, ski and skate camps — winter, spring and summer. They host camps for kids and adults of all ages and abilities. Their camp environment allows for just the right amount of independence, while maintaining superior levels of safety and supervision. Windells Camp has plentiful snow, a 12,000 square-foot indoor recreation and training facility, tons of activities, and a friendly staff.

Glacier Snowboard Camps, Canada–Located in the heart of beautiful Whistler, BC Canada, Glacier Snowboard Camps is by far the best deal for anyone looking to improve their snowboarding and have a great time while doing it. They pride themselves on being a smaller, more personal summer snowboard camp. Unlike other summer snowboard camp owners, these owners are up on the glacier everyday to make sure the camp’s terrain is the best it can possibly be, and that every snowboarder is having a wonderful time.

Switzerland–Austria’s European equal in offering summer snowboarding facilities. The Swiss boast a number of great destinations which provide half-pipes or funparks; and like everything else in Switzerland, they are of the very highest standard. One of the main places to check out is Saas-Fee, which boasts to having Europe’s only all-year-round half-pipe and terrain park. Loads of pro riders hold camp here.


Saas-Fee has been a well-known resort to snowboarders for many years. With its high altitude glacier, Saas-Fee also provides a mountain where you can ride fast and hard in the summer months. Indeed for some here, summer is the best time to visit Saas-Fee. The glacier opens in early July until September, with access to 20km of runs and a terrain park with kickers, ¼ pipe, tabletops, rails and a half-pipe. A lift pass will set you back 60CHF a day.


Iceripper Summer Camp has been running camps here since 1988 and has gained a good reputation. There’s instruction for freestyle from half-pipe to rails, and room for beginners. In the afternoons there is fine wakeboarding, climbing, tennis, golf, mountain biking, and ice hockey. 590CHF gets you 6 nights Bed+Breakfast accommodation with 5 days riding and instruction, and yes, even a T-shirt. The camp has half-pipe, big airs, corner, rails, chairlift, drag lift, skatepark and some great snowside tunes with an occasional BBQ.


Zermatt has the largest summer boarding area in Switzerland, high up on the Klein Matterhorn. The glacier opens in June until September and there is a number of easy/intermediate runs, all serviced by t-bars and a terrain park.

The Gravity Park has a series of kickers and rails and a super-pipe alongside the lift. A lift pass will cost you 60CHF, but the area is only open from 7:30 to 1:30pm; you need to get up early before it starts getting slushy. In the afternoon you can even take a look at the worlds highest ice pavilion at 3,810m (11,430 feet) if you’re so inclined.

STOKED Summer Camp

Stoked runs 2 weeks of summer camps in July. A 6-night package including tuition, accommodation, lift pass etc. will set you back 630 euros. For more info take a look at

In most cases, lodging is available at or near the base area of the slopes.

Las Lenas Ski Resort, Argentina


More than sixty kilometers of runs provide skiers and snowboarders of all abilities with descents of varying difficulties, from a height of 11,253 feet above sea level to the base at elevation of 7,349 feet. The vertical drop of the lift-served in-bounds area of Las Lenas ski resort is a hefty 4,035 feet, with gradients ranking from 12% to 53%.


Built in 1983, Las Lenas boasts the most modern lift system in South America. Lift lines are extremely rare at Las Lenas, since the mountain has 16 modern ski lifts that allow a total uphill capacity of 9,200 skiers per hour. Ski lifts are named after Roman and Greek Gods: Venus, Eros, Minerva, Vesta, Vulcano, Jupiter, Apolo, Neptuno, Mercurio, Caris, Selene, Juno, Iris, Marte, Urano, and Cenidor. Lifts run nonstop from 9am to 5pm daily.

These aren’t the only good summertime snowboarding locations, but they are certainly some of the world’s best.

For more info log onto Dealer Snowboards Dot Com


Carrying forward the “one-touch” concept that debuted last year, Ride Snowboards is updating and expanding their Contraband binding lineup. As many of you have seen, Ride is pioneering a new single strap/ratchet technology aimed at improving both ease-of-use and performance. With the addition of Ride’s new “V-Strap” system to the already light-weight MVMNT chassis, riders now have but one set of clicks to adjust, freeing up more time for turns.

The Ride Contraband binding setup has received mixed reviews from developers, testers, and consumers, although most riders find them quite comfortable and user-friendly when adjusted properly. Most complaints are the direct result of improper adjustment, or lack thereof, giving the rider an unbalanced perspective on the Contraband’s performance. I would HIGHLY recommend you watch Ride’s online tutorial and visit a reputable shop before making a full judgment on the Contraband binding’s capabilities. Once tweaked appropriately for their particular boot, most riders refuse another binding. Remember, it’s all in the setup.

Updates on the Ride Contraband for the 2009/2010 season include new Comfort-Flex highbacks, urethane Rollbar basepads, previously seen on the Alpha and Beta MVMNT bindings, and most noticeably, the Wedgie 2.5 footbeds. Ride now offers four levels of canted, or angled, footbeds designed to suit any riders’ style. With the 1.5, 2.5, 3.0, or 4.0 footbeds, riders can quickly and easily adjust their underfoot angle improving control, drive, and pop. These optional footbeds work particularly well for those of us who ride a wide stance and, interestingly enough, can be swapped between any binding in the lineup excluding the LX, LXh, and junior bindings.


Ride Snowboards now offers a boot for the bigger footed rider…much, much, bigger.

Professional NBA player Shaquille O’Neal has a size twenty-two, Karl Malone is a size 18, and Tim Duncan can squeeze his foot into a size 16 shoe, so what’s a big guy who wants to ride going to do when most snowboard companies only manufacture their boots up to a size 15? Well, Ride Snowboards has decided to step in and champion the side of the big-footed rider. With the 2009/2010 snowboard season getting into full swing the guy who could never find a boot big enough to accommodate his big-foot now has a real option. Introducing the Ride Bigfoot Boot, manufactured in sizes sixteen to twenty (Sorry no half sizes) and retailing at $259.99, it has been made specifically for that guy. It has a full Intuition Foam liner and internal J Bars to maximize heal hold, the liner has also been coated with Aegis anti microbial coating in case you are also a big foot that sweats a lot, and the inner liner displays a handy Lock Down Speed Lace with secure fit harness that is super easy to use. The Outer lace utilizes traditional laces, but is great for adjustability in key pressure points. Now you have no reason not to get out there and Ride, just try to avoid wearing a bear suit as you may be confused for someone or something else and scare the kiddies. Check out the Ride Bigfoot Snowboard Boots, because size does matter!

Available at


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