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Category: Wake & Water Ski

Hyperlite Men’s Murray Nova Wakeboard With Fin 2012

The goal of the Murray series was to design a board that utilized the pro model features that Shaun has become accustomed to while finding the balance of that user-friendly ride anyone could enjoy. Shaun’s new shape begins with his first ever Subtle 3-stage rocker line. This new rocker gives the Murray more pop than ever before but it’s subtle enough to maintain great speed into the wake and make carving as natural as his previous shapes. The new dual tunnel base contours allow for maximum water flow past the removable .8″ P-Wing fins which creates a responsive edge but still allows for a quick release off the wake. This new shape is finished off with a variable edge design and exaggerated landing zone for a smooth edge transitions and soft landings.


  • Greg Nelson Design
  • All New fully Machined Nova Core
  • Carbon Torsion Bars
  • Strata Mounting System
  • Enduro Base
  • Subtle 3-Stage Rocker
  • Variable Edge Design
  • Dual Tunnel Channel System
  • Exaggerated Landing Zone
  • Minimum Swing Weight Profile
  • Fins: 4 – .8″ P-Wing

Tigé Announces MyWake Global Challenge Winners for July, Field Set With Top Pros for Live Finals Sept. 10-11

Pro Wakeboard Tour Rookie Standout Daniel Powers Claims Spot in Live Finals with First-Place Video

The winners have been announced for the first-of-its-kind MyWake Global Challenge presented by Tige. The format is unique and has never been used before. The challenge combines the borderless virtual landscape of the internet, the world’s best wakeboarders, wakeskaters and wakesurfers submitted their very best run online via during the May 1 – July 31 contest window. Each month winners are selected based on their division, they were awarded cash prizes and an invite to the live two-day final competition in Orlando on Sept. 10-11.

2012 Pro Tour rookie sensation Daniel Powers lead the pack and claimed first place in the Pro Men’s Wakeboard division. The win secures a spot in the Tigé MyWake Global Challenge live finals, where he will go head-to-head against some of the sport’s biggest names including Harley Clifford and Rusty Malinoski.

Top professional videos for the month also came from Raquel Hoffman (Pro Women), Josh Twelker (Junior Pro Men), Dieter Humpsch (Pro Wakeskate) and Taylor McCullough (Pro Women Wakeskate). All four riders will join Powers, as well as the May and June Pro winners in their respective divisions, for an all-out podium battle at September’s live final event.

The complete list of July winners includes:

• Daniel Powers (Pro Men Wakeboard)
• Raquel Hoffman (Pro Women Wakeboard)
• Josh Twelker (Junior Pro Men Wakeboard)
• Matt Vermillion (Masters Men Wakeboard)
• Curt Bernstein (Amateur Men Wakeboard)
• Anna Blelen (Amateur Women Wakeboard)
• Taylor Van Haastrecht (Amateur Junior Men Wakeboard)
• Shelby King (Amateur Junior Women)
• Josh Smith (Boys Wakeboard)
• Olivia Pease (Girls Wakeboard)
• Dieter Humpsch (Pro Wakeskate)
• Taylor McCullough (Pro Women Wakeskate)
• David Lollar (Amateur Wakeskate)
• Taylor McGarry (Amateur Women Wakesurf)
• Jackie Costa (Amateur Women Skim)
• Zane Montgomery (Amateur Men Wakesurf)
• Ellis Fort (Amateur Men Skim)
• Scott Culp (Maters Men Wakesurf)
• Brett Smith (Juniors Wakesurf)
• Ryan Fair (Open Men’s Skim)
• James Walker (Open Men’s Wakesurf)
• Jaqualine Fort (Open Women Skim)
• Ashley Kidd (Open Women’s Wakesurf)

The monthly winners from the pro divisions will meet in Orlando to battle it out during a live two-day finals to determine the first-ever Tigé MyWake Global Challenge winners. The even will be open to the pubic at no cost it will take place Sept. 10-11 at Buena Vista Watersports in Orlando, Fla.

“We’d like to thank everyone who submitted videos for the inaugural Tigé MyWake Global Challenge,” said Tigé Director of Marketing, Daniel Gutierrez. “The monthly winners included some of the sport’s biggest names in their respective divisions and has set the stage for an epic live event in Orlando next month. We invite everyone to check out this unique event in person and witness what promises to be some insane riding.”

PCM Engines was impressed with the game-changing format of the MyWake Global Challenge, and has doubled all Tigé prize money for the monthly winners. After the match from PCM Engines the overall prizes for the online and live portions of the contest are more than $35,000.

2012 Malibu Open Highlights

Energy was running high as the world’s best water skiers stormed into Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for the Malibu Open on August 3-4.

The RESPONSE TXi would serve as the official towboat, and confidence was running high, as this boat already debuted at last year’s Malibu Open and went on to tow several world records. Fans packed the shore and also tuned in around the world to the live webcast produced by Eagle Wetsuits.

Mens Slalom saw the most heated battle of the weekend, possibly the highest cut lines in tour history. Skiers had to make 2 @ 41 off just to make it to the quarterfinal round of 16, then 3 @ 41 to make the semi final round of 6 skiers. Several skiers ran into 41 and didn’t make the cut. Nate Smith took the win, with Chris Rossi in second and Will Asher in third. Another fun fact: 39 off was run 38 times at the Malibu Open this year.

Regina Jaquess, hot off setting the new world record of 3 buoys at 41 off, edged out April Coble in the Womens Slalom final, shredding through a full pass at 38 off. Regina also won “Female Skier Of The Year” at the 1st Annual Waterski Awards presented by WATERSKI Magazine on Friday evening.

Freddy Krueger ended the night going big as usual, launching 222 feet for the win in Mens Jump.



Wake surfing is an excellent activity to add to your boating repertoire and a great way to catch a wave even if you are thousands of miles from the nearest ocean. No need to worry about sharks, getting cut up on a coral reef, or being swept away by the current.

It’s important to have the right tools!

You will need:

1. Wake surfing board – these boards are specifically made to use behind boats.

2. Wake surfing rope/handle – these make wake surfing easier and safer for the rider. The rope is thick and has multiple handles for adjusting where you are on the wave. Wakeboard ropes are much longer and thinner which can be dangerous if wrapped around one of the riders limbs.

3. Inboard wake boat - Very crucial. NEVER wake surf behind an outboard or inboard/outboard boat. Outboard and I/O boats have the propeller directly behind the boat. People and propellers rotating at high speeds do not mix. Safety first, only surf behind an inboard boat.

4. Ballast - Wake surfing requires additional weight to be placed on one side of the boat to create a clean wave. Use the ballast to reach the desired weight that produces the best wave. Having the people in the boat move to one side can also be used as a substitution.

Now you have all the necessary equipment, it’s time to hit the water and catch a wave.

Driving the boat – very little power is required to pull the rider out of the water. A general rule of thumb is to gradually increase the speed until you reach 10 mph.

Getting up – Start by lying on your back in the water with your heels near the edge of the board closest to you.  Keep your feet shoulder length apart on top of the board with your toes pointing toward the sky. Your knees and elbows should be slightly bent.

When the boat accelerates it will create tension on the rope and the pressure of the water will suction the board up to your feet. Let this process happen naturally.  Once you reach a speed where the board is riding on top of the water straighten your legs and stand up while keeping a slight bend in your knees.

The next step is to transfer your weight to move the board out of the wake onto the side you are going to surf. The key to success is to find the ‘sweet spot‘. The sweet spot is the section of the wave which will perpetually propel you forward without the use of the rope.  Finding the sweet spot is tricky and requires you to apply weight to your front foot to accelerate and back foot to slow down.

Getting to the sweet spot will require you to grab the rope and pull yourself closer to the boat. Be very aware of where the rope is during the process as you do not want it to be wrapped around your arms or legs.

The first time you hit the sweet spot you will notice the slack in the rope. At this point do not throw the rope in the boat just yet, hang on until you get a good feel for where you need your weight positioned on the board.

After you have the hang of it, it’s time to get rid of the rope. For beginners, it is easier to throw the rope to the opposite side of the wake and let someone in the boat pull it in. The temptation of watching throwing the rope into the boat causes riders to lose focus and fall out of the sweet spot.

As the Beach Boy’s would say catch a wave and you’re sitting on top of the world. Work on changing speeds and feeling comfortable on the board. Then you can advance to turns and tricks. Enjoy!

Lake Powell Water Park

The Water Park at Antelope Point Marina offers the opportunity to hit jumps, slide across rails, and other obstacles without the need of a boat. The winches and cables provide the power needed to tow you through the course. The park is conveniently located alongside the Marina dock which allows friends and family to have a front row seat on the action. Also in the facility is the boating community and Marina Village with plenty of entertainment options.

The 4th Annual Wakeboard Competition is just around the corner (Aug18th); register now by calling the Marina Village Store at (928)645-5900.



Today is a great day to start wakeboarding, whether you are three-years-old or sixty. Check out SkiPro’s selection of wakeboards and boots or come visit us as any of our three SkiPro locations.


After Malibu’s launch of the all-new Response TXi last August, Regina Jaquess made a statement in October 2011 by setting a new women’s slalom record of 2 buoys at 41′ off. Regina reflected, “When I tied the record two years ago with 1 @ 41 I was living on a cloud that I had tied a world record, then I ran 1 1/4 and then 1 1/2, and I owned the world record all by myself. When I ran 2 @ 41, I thought it was amazing, and that 3 would be nearly impossible.”

On June 17, Regina found herself behind the TXi again, this time in Cedar Ridge, Mississippi, with perfect conditions to see how far she could push into 41 off. After two powerful turns around the 1 and 2 ball, Regina stretched out to get around 3, dealt with her slack, and crossed back over the wakes, successfully scoring a pending world record of 3 buoys at 41 off.

Just the day before, she beat her own record, improving on 2 @ 41 to 2 1/4 @ 41. “These records are different,” Regina said. “Because now I have the confidence to get deep down the course at 41 off.”

A number of factors played into this new pending world record. “It was definitely a combination of my training with Cory Pickos, at the Pickos World Ski Resort in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, my Goode ski that I have been able to help develop with Dave Goode, and the new Malibu Response TXi. The TXI has small narrow wakes that allow you to change your edge earlier going into the buoy, resulting in running the lines easier and making my skiing enjoyable. The TXI is a great looking boat, that drives incredible. When I ski behind it, I feel confident that I will get the best pull ever, every time!”


Wakeboarding in Glacier Island, Alaska, taking you into the weekend!

It may be 100 degrees out, but this video puts A/C to shame, brrrrrr…


The second stop of the MasterCraft Pro Wake Board Tour took place at Lake Moser in Forth Worth. The private lake is in the backyard of MasterCraft Texas. The day offered perfect conditions, with calm water and no wind.

It was anyone’s game, with the winner having a great set up well for the rest of the season. Phil Soven (USA), Harley Clifford (Australia), Rusty Malinoski (Canada) were among the favorites.

The crowd was out in full force on the 100 degree Texas afternoon. The Pro Wakeboard world is currently being rocked by young riders performing pro level tricks under high pressure. Michigan’s Mike Dowdy has been unbeatable this season, he landed two toe side 900′s and multiple backside 900′s, earning his second win on the pro wakeboard tour in the junior men’s division.

Chad Sharpe took 1st place on the podium by winning the Sony Big Air Kicker event.

The highlight of the weekend was the Pro Men’s Open, riders took it to a new level with 1080′s that are always fun to watch.

One of the favorites, Rusty “Bone Crusher” Malinoski landed two 900′s. Stepping up it up a level, Phil Soven stuck a Moby Dick 720 for the first time in competition and was absolutely stoked. Harley Clifford answered the challenge with three 900′s securing his second consective pro tour victory.

Final standings of the event:

1. Harley Clifford – 200
2. Phil Soven – 170
3. Rusty Malinoski – 170


The wakeboarding pros give us the inside scoop in this Liquid Force film. Check out the video below as Shane Bonifay, Dean Smith, Hayley Smith and Amber Wing let us know what thir favorite trick is.

What’s your favorite trick? Let us know on Facebook!

Get your Liquid Force gear at Ski Pro today for amazing prices.


Check it out! The video for the hottest wakeboarding event in Arizona is here! Watch the latest video of Ski Pro’s 2012 Rail Jam.
Were you there? Let us know your favorite part of the event! The bikinis, the competition or the insane deals?


Who is wakeboarding this summer? “The New Generation” 2013 MasterCraft X-Star has just been released. A nice little reminder that the sun is shining and the lake is beckoning. Do you have your wakeboard gear all lined up? SkiPro has everything you need to make this the summer of dreams. Wakeskate, wakeboard, water ski, you name it,we have it.


Are you ready to showoff your skills on the water this summer? If you are looking to build your tricks repertoire than take a peek at Danny Hampson’s How To video. This Yamaha team rider takes you through the start up roller and doing a frontside 180 off of it.


The results are in! On the second leg for the King of Wake tour, Harley Clifford claims victory at the 2012 Pro Stop Tour #1 and Nicola Butler takes the win for the Women’s Pro Division. The competition was neck and neck this last weekend in Acworth, GA and we can’t wait to see what the competitors will bring to the table for Pro Stop Tour #2 in just two weeks!


Today is Ski Pro’s Bing Bang Carnival Rail Jam 2012. It’s a pool party for all with fun activities for the kids, a Budweiser Beer Garden for the adults and a HUGE Outdoor Sale for everyone in between. This is Arizona’s premiere wakeboarding competition, don’t miss it!


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