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Featured Product: H.O. Syndicate A1 Slalom Waterski 2009

Featured Product: H.O. Syndicate A1 Slalom Waterski 2009

H.O. Syndicate A1 Slalom Waterski 2009

Regular Price: $1,300.00
ON SALE: $699.95
Savings of up to: $600.05 – 46%


Are you looking to take your slalom skiing to the next level? Cut harder and get that extra buoy? Well… this ski can do that for you and it’s hard to argue with 46% off!


The first product out of the Syndicate Program initiative, the Syndicate A1 is the creation of 5-time World Champion Bob LaPoint. The Syndicate A1 introduces the Hybrid Concave Design. A re-evolution of the edge-to-edge concave ski design, the Syndicate A1 incorporates small rails to each side of the concave from the heel of the front foot forward. This allows the A1 to progressively build and, most importantly, maintain incredible angle off the 2nd wake propelling the skier onto a wide and early line. Behind the skiers front foot heel, the A1 transforms into edge-to-edge concave design with significantly increased tail section surface area to maximize on-water speed. The increased tail section surface area is balanced by a slightly narrower forebody putting the A1 in balanced trim for extremely level turns. This allows the skier to carry unlimited speed into the buoy with confidence that the ski is going to automatically carve back to the wakes. Stability is achieved via the industries 1st and only 5-stage rockerline. This incorporates dual rockerline flat spots with the forebody flatspot located directly under the skiers front foot which provides a stable platform for the skier to ride back into the wakes. The progressive shovel rocker design virtually eliminates bouncing through the wakes and maximizes outbound trajectory. A correction to the traditional skis center of mass location, the A1s tip mass reduction was carefully designed to reposition the skis center of mass closer to the skiers front boot. This reduces the length of the skis effective feel and provides the skier with the surface area of a larger ski for maximum speed and the turn radius of a smaller ski for an earlier line in the slalom course.

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