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How to Pack For a Winter Vacation in the Mountains

How to Pack For a Winter Vacation in the Mountains

Winter is arguably the best of times to visit Arizona’s great ski slopes. With a lot of seasonal events, as well as an outstandingly beautiful and serene snowy scenery, Arizona’s great ski slopes offer the perfect location if you are looking for a fun getaway for your entire family during the winter months. Unfortunately, most of those interested in taking a winter vacation high in the mountains do not know what they need to bring along. As such, listed below is a simple and convenient packing guide we put together to help you in your preparations for the trip.

1. Prepare for all temperatures
In the great Arizona ski slopes, the winter weather can vary greatly from one day to the other, and at times during the same day. As from December through to February, the low temperatures often are in the high 20s while the average high temperatures are in the low 50s. However, the degrees in these sloping mountains are known to reach 70 on some winter days. On the other hand, the temperatures in these very mountains can get to as low as 20°F, particularly in the highest elevations.

As such, preparing for every possible temperature by dressing in layers is the most viable option. Depending on the temperature, dressing in layers allows you to either take off or add on clothes throughout the day. For instance, although you can start your day with an early morning hike while dressed in your heaviest jacket, enjoying a cup of coffee in the afternoon with only a sweater on is entirely possible. Some ideal items to pack for layering include:

• Thermal underwear
• Light jacket
• Winter coat
• Sweaters
• Cardigans
• Jeans
• T-shirts

2. Include warm socks and practical shoes when packing
Whether it is hiking up one of the beautiful trails or taking a casual stroll through the White Mountains, most vacations in the great Arizona ski slopes feature a lot of walking. Although having a good pair of shoes throughout is of significant importance, it is vital during the winter since ice or snow usually make the ground slippery. As such, you should ensure you bring a comfortable pair of sturdy and water-resistant hiking boots or shoes, preferably the type that has good arch support. Remembering to bring along many pairs of warm socks is also of uttermost importance. You should, however, try as much as you can to avoid socks made from cotton or wool since it usually takes them a long time to dry once they get wet. Instead, you should pack socks made from Dri-FIT material since they are water-resistant.

3. Remember to include these commonly forgotten items
A lot of people seem to forget a few things when packing for a winter vacation in the mountains. Make sure you make an effort to remember the following items:

Bathing suit: You might be wondering why you would need a bathing suit for a winter vacation in the mountains. Most of the cabins offered by the ski resorts around Arizona’s ski slopes come with luxurious outdoor hot tubs. You need to have a suit if you intend to take a nice warm hot tub soak. You might also want to bring along some swimwear in case you end up staying at one of the cabins that feature indoor pools.

Sunscreen: Although it might also seem like a strange item to bring along on a winter vacation, sunscreen is a must if you will be spending time outdoors. While it might not be warm outside, you can still get sunburn from UV rays. Putting on some sunscreen before heading out on a hike is, therefore, recommended.

Lip balm: Because the cold winter wind might leave your lips feeling dry and chapped, packing a few tubes of lip balm to ensure you stay moisturized is advisable.


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