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How to Shop for Skis

How to Shop for Skis

Skiing is one of the most popular winter sports around. You have had the experience and have fallen in love. You have decided to take up the sport on a more serious level but realize that ski rentals on a regular basis can become quite pricey. Rather than rent skis every time you go out on the powder, you can own your own skis and save yourself some money in the long run.

Types of Skis

The way a pair of skis is made makes a huge difference in how the skis react in the snow. The size and shape also affect how the skis take curves and how fast they can go down a slope.

The waist of a ski can be narrow or wide. A narrow waist ski can work well in routes that are groomed and snow that is hard. An 85mm and below narrow waist ski with deep rocker tips and sidecuts will attack turns very easily. A ski with a wide waist can handle just about anything. Skis with an 84mm to 105mm waist will glide through soft snow and give the user a great deal of stability in varied snow types.

A ski’s camber will provide more contact with the snow, more responsive turns, stability, and faster speeds. The rocker provides more floatation in soft snow and the ability to turn faster.

The length of the ski is important for a number of reasons. The skier looking to make faster turns will want a shorter ski. The novice skier will also want a shorter ski. The more experienced skier might want to try a longer ski. A longer ski will also provide more stability in your turns.

Beginner Size

There are skis made specifically for beginners and experts alike. Beginning skiers are advised to purchase skis for a level slightly higher than their current level. Skis at their current level will hinder their ability to grow. Skis at a slightly higher level will help a novice skier progress and improve their abilities over time.

Skis Made Specially for Women

Women who want to buy skis should be aware that there are special skis made for them. Due to the difference in a woman’s weight and body type as oppose to men, skis for women are made with more flexibility and lighter than skis made for men. They also have the bindings placed closer to the front to accommodate the fact that a woman’s center of gravity is lower.

It is also good to know where you are planning to ski. Though most skis are made for any type of terrain the manufacturers make each pair to work well in specific terrains. Some skis are made for well-groomed surfaces such as resort terrain and others are made for a little rougher terrain such as skiing in the backcountry. To get a smooth ski experience, knowing where the skis will be used will add in the decision process.

Skiing can be a fun, exhilarating sport to take up. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, knowing what type of skiing you want to do will help you determine what type of skis will be better suited for you to make your skiing experience an enjoyable one. Overall, you want to purchase skis that will fit your body type and fit you like a glove. They should become a part of you, working with you to make you the best skier you can possibly become. By choosing wisely, you will find skiing to be a fun sport you can enjoy for a lifetime.

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