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Pro Blank Skateboard Decks (Bulk Pricing Available)

Pro Blank Skateboard Decks (Bulk Pricing Available)

With the downfall of the US economy we are starting to see more and more skate shops close their doors ) :  A sad site for many, some of these “mom and pop” shops have been around for 15 plus years. The smaller shops are not the only ones to taking a hit in this economic devastation, but bigger chain stores such as some “unnamed Mall stores” have closed down dozens of Store front locations nation wide.

Is skateboarding Dead you ask?  Has it become so mainstream that those of us who have given our blood, sweat, and tears to not only a way of life, but a addictivly acquired phenomenon just SH*T out of luck? Well look for your self…. Parents who had once upon a time givin there kids baseball mitts, and tackle football gear are now instead giving those same kids Skateboards. Our new found youth now has the option (in any economy) to do what they want, when they want to do it by expressing themself in skateboarding.  In many cases Skateboarding not only teaches the key to adversity, but in some cultures is considered the new development of individuality.  

If you love Skateboarding then do what makes you happy. Purchase gear that helps keep skateboarding alive but doesnt necessarily empty your wallet! We know times are tough, but skateboarding will never die!!!! Support what you beleive in and things will get better.  We are in this situation for many reasons. You be the judge and do whats best to make the situation better

Here is an Expample listed below of how we plan to “keep the wheels rolling”

Once looked down upon mainly because its nonspecific appearance, PRODUCTS such as BLANK DECKS, BLANK WHEELS, and BLANK TRUCKS have all played a great roll in keeping our skateboard industry alive. Blank Skateboard Decks not only give skaters the chance to keep the wheels rolling, but they also give Skateboarders the opportunity to purchase quality skateboard products at an affordable price. This does not mean to just throw in the towel and stop buying name brand gear. What is does mean is if your pockets are light and your skate gear is bunk, you can skate products made of the same materials for a much more affordable price. For bulk pricing and discounts on Pro Blank Skateboard Trucks, Decks, and Wheels Please CLICK HERE or go to for 7 ply Canadian Maple Pro Decks Starting at just $14.95 (FREE SHIPPING)



  1. That a good way to look at it. I never really thought about the whole baseball/football thing lol…but very true.

  2. Way to tell it like it is.

  3. Blank skateboards are awesome for practicing new tricks because if it breaks you didn’t break the bank for the board.

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