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Recovering from a Day on the Mountains: Our Favorite Splurges

Recovering from a Day on the Mountains: Our Favorite Splurges

A skiing vacation can be the perfect break that you need to reconnect with nature, spend time with loved ones and relax. After spending a day on the slopes, it is important to splurge in the right ways at night. The whole time you are on your skiing vacation, make sure that you are fueling the body with a proper diet. Enjoy a short ice bath after a day on the slopes to quick start healing of any muscle damage you have done. Finally, head to the massage therapist for a great treatment.

Fuel Your Body with Proper Nutrition
Strenuous skiing can burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour. Therefore, it is important that you fuel your body properly throughout the day. Start by eating breakfast as your body needs the fuel to start muscles working properly and get your brain alert. Do not skip lunch but opt for a meal containing carbohydrates, a lean protein and a healthy fat. Make sure to eat some more protein, carbohydrates and a healthy fat at night because it helps to reduce soreness, improves your next day’s performance and decreases recovery time. Stay well hydrated and avoid most alcohol. Most ski lifts have a water station very nearby where free water is available.

Relax in an Ice Bath
After a day of skiing fun, you may be very tempted to head straight for the hot tub. Instead, stop in your room long enough to take a bath in water that is between 54 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit for six to eight minutes. If you use a thermometer, then remember that the water jets when activated actually makes the water colder than the thermometer reads in many cases. Doing this helps to flush toxins out of the body, reduces swelling and helps limit further damage by constricting blood vessels. Once the body starts to return to normal temperature, then the increased blood flow helps increase circulation causing the body to heal faster.


Enjoy a Sport’s Massage

There are many advantages to a great ski massage. The process helps to relax and stretch out tight and tired muscles, increases flexibility and improves circulation causing the body to heal faster. Research from the US Ski and Snowboard Association suggests that it is important that the massage focus on the peroneus longus, the glutes and the quads. Many massage therapist often skip working on the glutes because some people are very uncomfortable. This is a vital area because stopping muscle tightness here can help relief back and thigh pain. Combining a great massage with relaxing aromatherapy helps ensure that you get a great night’s sleep which is also vital to helping the body be ready for the next day on the slopes.

Enjoy your winter skiing adventure by taking some simple precautions. Avoid fried foods opting instead for a healthier alternative, hop in a quick ice bath to speed start recovery and have a sport’s massage. If you follow these three simple steps each day, you will have a marvelous pain-free vacation that leaves you wanting more.

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