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Slalom’s Worst Habits…and How to Correct Them

Slalom’s Worst Habits…and How to Correct Them

Here’s a helpful little post from on how to easily correct a couple of slalom skier’s peskiest bad habits: 

This habit shows up when beginners first try to lean through the wakes. Bending the arms is a form of “security blanket” for beginners, and some skiers take this bad habit with them as they advance.

Bent arms make it more difficult to lean away from the boat and establish leverage. Bent arms are also a sign that the skier might be trying to pull rather than lean.

Your arms shouldn’t start to bend until you let up on your lean. If your shoulders are back and your arms are held straight when you cross the wakes, you will find it much easier to initiate the edge change and pre-turn.

Correct this bad habit by forcing yourself to straighten your arms as you lean away from the boat. You will feel immediate improvement, but don’t stop there. Most skiers find it difficult to resist the urge to pull, and most also maintain some degree of arm bend – even when they know better.



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