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Posts Tagged ‘Skateboarding’

Want to know who is competing in the X-Games for Winter 2012?

Check out the snowboarders here.

Check out the skiers here.

Check out the snowmobilers here.

Only 2 months until the games begin in beautiful Aspen, CO!


Ride launches the 2nd season of their webisode series, Ride With Us. Watch the premiere as Ride Riders, Austin Hironaka, Seth Kitzke and John Shaw take on global domination, Ride style.

Get the hottest and latest Ride gear at Skipro.


Who can refuse snow porn? Check out Burton’s Open Spaces Snow Porn clip with Danny Davis, Stephan Maurer, Nicolas Muller, Mads Jonsson and more in Mikey Basich’s backyard (aka Area 241).

Ready to make your own snow porn? Skipro has all the toys and Burton gear you need.


Take a quick sneak peek behind the scenes as Warren Miller Ski Films shoots some incredible footage at Heavenly resort at Lake Tahoe.

It’s ski and snowboard season and the mountains are beckoning. Grab your gear at Skipro today.


On November 11th Breckenridge Resort in Colorado is opening for their 50th Anniversary bash! Opened in 1961, Breck has seen 39 million visitors and was the first Colorado ski resort to ever allow snowboarders. Go Breck! There is no better excuse to ride, ski, and participate in some good ‘ol fashioned fun. Get details here!


The 2012 Winter X Games 16 will be held January 26-29 in Aspen, Colo. and the Winter X Games Europe 2012 will be held on March 14-16 in Tignes, France. World class athletes from around the globe will battle for both money and medals in snowboarding, skiing, and snowmobiling.

Last year, over 382 million homes across the world, from Brazil to New Zealand to the Middle East, tuned in to watch the X-Games. This year, ESPN will cover the events live on their family of networks.

If you want to personally be a part of the action and chaotic fun; 30,000 attended the Winter X Games in Aspen last year. There are parties, events, infamous musicians, celebs, and good ol’ debauchery in the mountains. Get tickets here.


‘Winter Wars’ is the second film from the all female snowboard crew, Peep Show. In their own words, “Our goal is to reveal girls snowboarding in the most honest, unadulterated way and bring a sort of style and creativity that has been lacking in the past.”

Check out this ‘Winter Wars’ teaser and watch as these ladies crush the mountain and don’t look half bad doing it.


This year, ESPN is approaching their ski and snowboard movie awards, in an unconventional manner. During the month of October, fans have been voting for their favorites with a specific award category each week. Check out “The Grand Bizarre” which earned ESPN’s award for Most unreal tricks crammed into a single ski movie.

Homicide Skateboard Ads

Here’s a look at Homicide Skateboards’ recent ads featured in AZ Steez Magazine. Look out for more ads featuring new team riders soon!

 Ryan battled this trick through two trips to this spot, hungover both times, but came away with this gem. Getting creative skating a spot that most op to either bring the board with them over the rail, or not skate at all. (Photo by Russ Powell)

Team Rider Ryan "Froggie" Fruge'

Team Rider Ryan "Froggie" Fruge'

Dashawn skated hard at this Homicide demo, and after a few attempts at this trick with no luck, he had all but given up. That is until a go-ped showed up, and towed him in from the other side of the parking lot at high speeds to give him the air he needed to clear the planter. (Photo by Russ Powell)

Team Rider Dashawn Jordan

Team Rider Dashawn Jordan


Ski Pro of Mesa puts on a couple demo days each year bringing out boarders of all types and ages. This year’s rail jam was sponsored by our good friends at Red Bull and NextGen Winches. For more info CliCK HERE




Original Article Posted at :

With the economy doing poorly and businesses great and small falling under ever increasing economic pressure, it is no small wonder that skate shops are suffering. Popular names such as Alliance and smaller, local shops like Curbside both falter and then fall in light of monetary difficulties. However, that’s not to say that some places aren’t doing well throughout these trying times.

Skaters all over need a place to purchase boards, hardware, stickers and their favorite colored grip tape, despite these missing shops. Someone has to fill that gap and Ski Pro manages to do so with interesting results. Located on 21st street and Camelback, your first impression is that the place is cool, current and energetic but what does it have to do with skating? Quite a bit, it turns out.

Tucked away in the back corner of the store is a section devoted to skateboarding. The back wall is plastered with a small selection of boards, several of which are local companies like Old Man Army: boards designed for the 35+ skate scene and bearing unique, original designs, or Zombie: boards that are more like your traditional deck layout. Ski Pro keeps their own distributor decks here, too called Homicide and they’ve got a selection of blanks that will make your jaw drop.

The shop may be out of the way but it is well worth the visit. Here’s one reason. Their blanks start at $16.95 and their own Homicides at a mere $29.95. After putting it all together it was possible to make a complete board for $43.28 after tax; this included wheels, trucks, bearings, grip, the deck. Everything. For those who don’t know, that’s less than the price of a standard name brand deck- and nothing else. Furthermore Ski Pro provides modest support for local skate companies and even carries AZ Steez (a regional Skateboarding magazine).

This doesn’t mean that skaters can’t pick up more popular name brands like Creature or Plan B, articles of clothing or backpacks. But shoes were no where in site. With that said, it seems like Ski Pro has a small but worthwhile assortment of skateboarding supplies, a friendly, knowledgeable staff and great deals. So go check them out. You might be surprised at what you find.


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