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Although this video may be an older one, it is a great waterskiing video to take you into the weekend. It’s almost zen-like. And with that, we present “An Early Morning Ride” – when Brooks and K.C. Wilson go for a rip one morning with Parker Staver.

WARREN MILLER “Ticket To Ride” Tour Dates Released for AZ

It’s that time of year again! Ski and Snowboard Warren Miller is rolling out with its 64th Film “Ticket to Ride” this December. Nothing sweeter then a crowd of fellow riders getting pumped on a new Ski/Snowboard Movie for the season!!

Locations and Dates:

Phoenix: Orpheum Theatre
December 10th, 2013 @ 8PM

Scottsdale: Center of Performing Arts
December 11th, 2013 @ 8PM

Tempe: Gammage Auditorium
December 13th, 2013 @ 8PM

Tickets coming soon to your Local Rideshop: Ski Pro!! Stay tuned, we will let you know when tickets are available.

Prizes, trips, and good times during the showing at each of the three showings!!!
Don’t miss out on this wild movie night at each of the venues!!!!

Get your butt into Ski Pro

Hurry up and get in on our great end of summer deals on everything you need for Wake/water ski, Skate and Swim. If you can’t make it in to one of our locations, you can always visit our online store which is, of course, open 24/7.

Get your gear now before the summer ends!

Radar Satori waterski package on sale

At Ski Pro our main goal is to keep you outfitted with the latest watersports gear and at a great price. What could be cooler than getting the Radar Satori Waterski Package (with Vector and Adjustable Rear Toe Plate) on sale?! Not much. Get all the specs below:

The fine art of tubing

For those of us who are not as…coordinated…in the water, tubing can be the perfect alternative to wakeboarding or waterskiing. And with the right gear, tubing can take your on-the-water experience to a whole new level.

Check out Ski Pro’s selection of water inflatables, tubes, air pumps, and lounges…although there’s nothing lounge-y about being pulled behind a boat at full velocity and hanging on for dear life!


How to find the best wakeboard life jacket for you

By  for

You can’t ride without a board and boots, and it’s tough to get towed without a rope and handle, but a wakeboard life jacket is probably a rider’s most vital piece of gear. After all, life jackets are exactly what their name implies: your lifeline when the unexpected happens on the water. As a result, making sure you buy and wear a properly fitted life jacket could actually save your life. Here are five rules to follow when shopping for the best life jacket for you. — Chelsy Tracz

USCGA versus comp

U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets meet official standards for both buoyancy and impact protection. Competition or comp vests are designed for pros riding in contests and do not meet Coast Guard requirements. Put simply, a USCGA life jacket will keep you afloat when your life is on the line; a comp vest might not. If your love for life doesn’t compel you to opt for a USCGA life jacket, maybe your wallet will. In many states, laws require you to use a USCGA jacket at all times, and you can be ticketed for wearing a jacket that doesn’t meet official standards.

Tight is right

Your life jacket should be snug — really snug. “When you wear a properly fitted vest, it should be hard to breathe when you’re in the store,” says Jeremy Thornell, manager at the Salt Lake City wake shop Marine Products. In fact, think of your life jacket as a second skin. You don’t want any air between you and the jacket, because that air can cause bruised rips when you take a fall. Also, consider that most jackets have a tendency to stretch when wet. When you take a plunge, you don’t want your jacket 3 inches off your shoulder and halfway up your face. Bottom line: If you get an extra large when, in fact, you’re a large, your life jacket isn’t going to be safe or comfortable.

Find the perfect fit

Every manufacturer has a weight range for each of its life jackets as well as a corresponding chest size. Chest size is the most accurate indicator of proper fit, but most people don’t know their exact chest measurements. Therefore, it’s often easiest to use your weight as a starting point. Also, remember the proper size can change from manufacturer to manufacturer and even from jacket to jacket. “Each vest is cut differently,” says Bill Porter, owner of Orlando’s iconic wake shop Performance Ski & Surf. “Certain vests are going to fit certain people better than others, depending on their body makeup.” As a result, finding the right one will involve a process of elimination.

Try it on

Sure, online shopping is convenient, but considering the importance of a life jacket’s fit in it functioning properly, there’s no substitute for your local wake shop. “Just like buying shoes, you want to see different models, understand what justifies price difference and make sure that it fits properly,” Porter says. Trying on several brands and multiple models is the best way to ensure you pick the best life jacket for you. Plus, you won’t have to go it alone. Your local wake shop’s staff can guide you through everything from stretch characteristics to each jacket’s unique cut.

Test it out

“Bend over, flex your back, rotate side to side, twist and see how it is restricting your movement,” Thornell suggests. To ensure optimal mobility, it’s not a bad idea to also mimic passing the handle and grabbing the board. Just keep in mind that a jacket may feel much more restricting in the store. In fact, Thornell says most jackets tend to loosen up a good 10 to 15 percent once wet. With that in mind, Porter suggests another test. “If it has a zipper on the front, you should have to stretch it to get it to zip up,” he says. “It shouldn’t come together easily and zip up without any effort.” Ultimately, it’s important that your new life jacket passes the test of tightness.



Check out WaterSki Magazine’s WATERSKI photo contest going on right now. From July 2nd until July 15th you have time to submit your best Waterski shot of the summer. The winner will be featured as their cover photo on Facebook for the whole month of August. Check it out at the link below.


Don’t miss out on free stuff – Text 2 Win

At Ski Pro Ride Shop in Arizona, we are all about the giveaways.

We give away tons of free stuff every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – gear, beanies, socks, prizes, stickers, hats, and more!

All you have to do for your chance to win is text “skipro” to 22828.

Good luck!

ATTENTION LADIES – Liquid Force Ladies’ Luna Wakeboard 2010 ON SALE

The Liquid Force Luna features a 3-stage rocker pop with a continuous rocker flow. This board will help you to continue progressing across the wake like never before. Add in a lifted rail line and you’ve got a board that any rider can spin with confidence. You’ll fearlessly be trying tricks you never imagined!

Regular Price: $279.95

Sale Price: $149.95


  • Three Stage, Hybrid Rocker
  • Exaggerated Variable Edges
  • D-I-S-C Hull Through Center
  • Tip Exiting Slots
  • Warped Molded-In Fins


Arizona Rider on the Podium: Endless Wave Tour

Congratulations to Angie Viland who placed 3rd in the Open Women’s Surf division of the Endless Wave Tour. Camp Far West Lake in Wheatland, California, played host to the event over the weekend. Great job Angie; way to represent Arizona!

Featured Product: Liquid Force Press Wakeboard

Looking for a wakeboard? This deal is too hot to pass up!

Liquid Force Press Wakeboard 2008

Product ID: 248712-1

Regular Price: $429.95

Special Price: $99.95

Savings of up to: $330.00 – 77%


Get ready for a completely new type of ride from Liquid Force! With the introduction of the Press Series, we’re unveiling a flex and feel unlike other board in our line. Taking technology that’s been used in our other product division for several years, we’ve been able to create a board with a unique flex pattern. Not soft…not stiff… a combination of both. If you’re looking to load up the line and pop off the wake, the snappy flex of our Press is unmatched. If you’re looking to “press” on the rails like Shane Bonifay is known for, the product is ready for you. Mike Ennen has helped us create not only the flex and feel of this series, but the look, as well. For the first time in LF History we have utilized a team rider’s artistic talents to create the graphic. Mike not only drafted his142 Graphic to reflect his Northwest heritage, he also put the ink down on Shane’s136 giving it that classic Shane Bonifay Flair that we’ve come to expect!


  • Composite Foam Core -Lightweight, flexible core
  • Super Flex Profile -Allows rider to press on rails and gives unique snap/kick off wake *Flex specific to board/rider size
  • ABS Sidewall Construction -Added durability and strength, Allows board to flex not break
  • Single Concave Hull -Smooth flow through water. Catch free on rails
  • Mike Ennen’s LF Exclusive Artwork –
  • Wide Profile -Gives stability when on water and the extra volume allows for more push off wake.
  • Quad Fin Setup -Clean hold with minimal drag
  • Blank With Fin

Get yours here!



Where to Water Ski in Arizona

Water skiing is a sport which takes practice and athleticism. But once you’re up, balancing on a single ski and skimming across the top of the water can be one of the most exhilarating experiences ever. Cutting your ski into the water as you transfer your weight on to the inside of your foot and zip and zag across the wake is great exercise. Whether you have been doing it for years or want to learn, here are some local spots to check out!

Phoenix/Scottsdale Area:

Lake Pleasant

Canyon Lake

Saguaro Lake

Apache Lake

Panorama of Apache Lake

Fresh Gear at Ski Pro

Summer is approaching quickly and Ski Pro has the gear you need! Come in to any of our Ski Pro locations or shop online.

If you need a wakeboard and bindings check these products out:

Welcome to the Weekend

Even though it’s been a short week for most of you, it’s still probably been too long since you were out on the water!

Thanks to everyone who stopped in at Ski Pro this week; we love helping you guys out! Enjoy the weekend and we will see you on Monday!

Take the Boating Safety Quiz and Win

Cash in on Boating Safety Week! West Marine is offering a chance to win a $250 gift card, and one lucky person will walk away with $1,000! Follow the link to TransWorld Wakeboarding to enter.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!


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