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Radar Waterskis has officially announced the release date and availability of the Vapor, their new flagship tournament ski. After 10 months of development, The Vapor will be available on Tuesday August 13th, coinciding with the start of the U.S. National Waterski Championships. Skis will be available in West Palm Beach, FL, Canadian Nationals and specialty retail partners the following week.


Slalom’s Worst Habits…and How to Correct Them

Here’s a helpful little post from on how to easily correct a couple of slalom skier’s peskiest bad habits: 

This habit shows up when beginners first try to lean through the wakes. Bending the arms is a form of “security blanket” for beginners, and some skiers take this bad habit with them as they advance.

Bent arms make it more difficult to lean away from the boat and establish leverage. Bent arms are also a sign that the skier might be trying to pull rather than lean.

Your arms shouldn’t start to bend until you let up on your lean. If your shoulders are back and your arms are held straight when you cross the wakes, you will find it much easier to initiate the edge change and pre-turn.

Correct this bad habit by forcing yourself to straighten your arms as you lean away from the boat. You will feel immediate improvement, but don’t stop there. Most skiers find it difficult to resist the urge to pull, and most also maintain some degree of arm bend – even when they know better.



Welcome to the Weekend

Even though it’s been a short week for most of you, it’s still probably been too long since you were out on the water!

Thanks to everyone who stopped in at Ski Pro this week; we love helping you guys out! Enjoy the weekend and we will see you on Monday!

Featured Product: H.O. Syndicate A1 Slalom Waterski 2009

H.O. Syndicate A1 Slalom Waterski 2009

Regular Price: $1,300.00
ON SALE: $699.95
Savings of up to: $600.05 – 46%


Are you looking to take your slalom skiing to the next level? Cut harder and get that extra buoy? Well… this ski can do that for you and it’s hard to argue with 46% off!

Hit the Slopes in 2013!

Start out the New Year with a trip to Sunrise Park Resort. They recieved 4 inches of new snowfall overnight and 11 inches in the last 48 hours!

Sunrise Park, owned by the White Mountain Apache Tribe, is located in the White Mountains of eastern Arizona, a four-hour drive for Phoenix and Tucson residents.

The area boasts 65 runs served by an efficient lift system including a high-speed detachable quad. Sunrise has a terrain park and new half pipe, wood and metal rails, and an area dedicated to aerialists ranging from beginner to advanced. There are two exclusive beginner sections within the ski area, and easy to ski lower slopes. In general, this is an area suited for beginners and intermediates, with limited advanced terrain. The steepest terrain is on Cyclone Circle. Cross country skiing is available.


Let it snow!

Latest News: Calling for 4-9 inches of Snow in the next 24 hrs



Today we’re going to take a detailed look into how to choose the right sized helmet for you, what key points you need to keep in mind while actually fitting your helmet to get the optimal fit, and what key features to look out for.

Choosing the Right Size

Choosing the right size of helmet is something we get asked all the time, but it’s actually quite simple; all you need is a measuring tape – and your head!

So holding your measuring tape, simply rest it just above your eyebrows and measure the entire circumference all the way round. Also worth noting at this stage is to ensure you take note of your size in centimeters as most helmets are measured in metrics.

Now when choosing a helmet you may notice the measurements are categorized under heading such as small, medium, large and so on. Each heading will then contain measurement ranges, so for example the helmet I have here is a SMALL and ranges from 52 – 55.5cm. This range helps when wearing items such as hats or beanies underneath the helmet; so please keep in mind that if you plan on wearing an item underneath then you need to keep an additional centimeter or so free within the measurement range which you are looking at.

And that’s it – it’s that simple! Once you’ve got the measurements of your head you’re ready to get ordering!

Fitting Your Helmet

So there are a few key points to note while ensuring your helmet fits correctly:

Once the helmet is on you shouldn’t be able to slide the helmet from side to side or back and forth; if this is the case then the helmet is too big.

It also shouldn’t be too tight either, as this can cause a cut in the blood circulation around your head – the helmet should be comfortable and fit nice and snug around your head for the optimal fit.

The chin strap must also clip up properly, so make sure it is fastened up safely, isn’t so loose that the strap is dangling below your chin but again not too tight that it cuts off blood circulation, it should simply hug comfortably under the chin.

Once you have checked both of these points the last thing you would do is tighten the fit system. Different brands have different designs however these are usually situated on the back of the helmet, if I turn around you will be able to see mine – and you simply tighten this until you have the best fit for you.

Technical Features

There are a wide range of technical features to look out for when choosing your helmet, however we are going to look at the main areas to keep in mind when choosing the right helmet for you.

Firstly let’s take a look at the padding:

All modern helmets will feature some type of internal technical padding, this makes it fit very comfortably and acts as a shock absorber if you happen to bump your head.

The thing to keep in mind with padding is that different brands will design their padding in different ways, some helmets have more padding than others for added protection, whereas certain brands will technically design the padding to mold around the shape of your head for the upmost comfort.

Also incorporated into the padding is the earpads as you can see on either side here. They are designed to protect your ears from the weather and any knocks and bangs which you may encounter, and again for the upmost comfort. Some brands will also feature removable earpads which allows you to wash them and simply remove them if you do not wish to use them!

All helmets are made from highly protective shells which are both strong, durable and lightweight. Single impact ski helmets are the most common and as the name suggest are designed to take a single large hit then be replaced. Multiple impact ski helmets are a relatively new design that feature harder and more scientifically advanced protective materials so can withstand more amounts of impacts – although it is obviously not advisable to take too many bangs without replacing your helmet!

The helmet will also be designed with a specific type of ventilation system; Again there are many variations of ventilation types depending on which brand you choose, however they are all designed to allow the air to get inside the helmet, circulate around and keep you cool and dry whilst out on the slopes.

As you may have noticed on the back of the helmet, most will also feature a goggle clip. It’s not a feature which you MUST use as some people simply prefer to have their goggles strapped around their heads – however a common style is to have your goggles strapped around the outside of your helmet to keep them out of the way, and the goggle clip is just a great feature for piece of mind that your goggles will stay attached to the helmet as you simply slot them through here and clip it down, locking the goggles in place.

And finally most new helmet designs will feature some form of audio compatibility to ensure you can listen to your music whilst out on the slopes. Again, these come in many different variations depending on brands but are all designed to allow you to feed your headphones and the cables up inside the helmet to keep them out of the way and be inconspicuous whilst skiing or snowboarding.


To get the correct measurement for which helmet to choose simply measure the circumference of your head just above the eyebrows.

When fitting the helmet, ensure it’s not too loose but also not so tight that it cuts off blood circulation.

And key features will vary from brand to brand; however, the key areas to look out for are: Padding, Earpads, Protective Materials, Ventilation, Goggle Clips and Audio Compatibility.



Ski season is not over just yet!  Burton Snowboards’ “Wild on B” brings us Heat Seeking Lock Off Shots.  


Check out the crew of “Ride with Us” creating a little March Madness up in the powder of the Washington mountains.


K2 Snowboards brings us “A quick edit from Kyle Miller snowboarding from earlier today at Alpine Meadows. Kyle says ‘A good morning of pow at Alpine Meadows, good start to the big storm ahead.’”

Are you getting in some last minute runs this season? Let us know! Where’s your favorite spot?

Get your winter gear at amazing prices at Ski Pro.


Check out Episode 3 of Sebis’ Different Direction from Ride Snowboards.  The powder is insane!  Enjoy the last of the season before it’s too late.  Get your gear at Ski Pro today.


Check out Ride Snowboards Ride with Us web series.  In this episode, “Big Sky Country”  the boys get some good ‘ol fashioned riding in.

With not much going on in the Northwest the RWU crew jumped in the car and drove East to Cook City, MT to meet up with Todd Kirby and friends. Soon upon arrival in “kook city” came large volumes of snow! After about 5 hours there were already 7-8 inches on the ground, so we headed up the hill and built 2 jumps to have them ready when the weather cleared. Once the jumps where built we just explored the area and kept going back to the jumps to make sure no one high marked the landing. Well luckily enough at the same exact time that the sun came out, 2 snowboarders and a sledneck put tracks in both of the jump landings, subsequently ending the trip… When we got home we decided it would be best just to board in our backyard, “Ski Acres”.

Get amazing prices on Ride gear at Ski Pro today!


Shot 100% on the HD HERO® camera from GoPro®. Witness world-record holding, extreme skier Jamie Pierre cliff huck from an unbelievable elevation. We miss the amazing skier dearly and are grateful for all that he brought to this incredible sport.

Video from GoProCamera Channel.

Get your Go Pro gear along with all your other winter gear needs at Ski Pro today!  The best month of the season is upon us!



The words “kicker” and “hip” hardly seem accurate enough to describe these massive features built at Mammoth last spring during the filming of Standing Sideways. Watch as the crew of Charles Reid, Mikkel Bang, Mark McMorris, Terje Haakonsen, Danny Davis, Seppe Smits, and Kazu Kokubo make short work out of these tall beasts.


Leane Pelosi and Matt Belzile head in to the Whistler backcountry for a few days of touring on the K2 Panoramic Splitboard. What is the panoramic splitboard? Cross country ski your way in and snowboard down the mountain, all with the same gear. Love it!

Get your winter gear at Ski Pro today! The season is in full swing, enjoy it while it lasts!

Matt Belzile – “On December 8th we went on an overnight excursion to Cerise Creek by Pemberton, BC. We had roughly 5 km of skinning to our camp site. The snow was decent but we were able to find really good pockets on north and east facing slopes. The panoramic was great. I was really impressed at how well it rode, it did not feel like a split board even on firm snow it felt solid.”


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