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Posts Tagged ‘Snowboarding’

Happy St. Patrick’s Day From Ski Pro

Slopes are still open – dress in your best leprechaun gear this weekend!

Be the first to claim a Snowbowl or Sunrise run!

Check out ClaimMYrun, an awesome new website that was created simply to showcase point of view videos of every run of every mountain in the world that are generated and posted by you.

If you are the first to post a video of a run, you will be memorialized as the “First Claim.” So far no one has posted any videos of our mountains here in AZ. So get on it!

Here are some more of the details:

Be a hero and claim it…

The first person to post their video of a run will be memorialized as the ‘First Claim’. Dis-cla!m:CMR reserves the right to replace a first claim if the video sucks.

We see the world through your eyes…

The recent technological advances of wearable cameras now allows for the sharing of the adrenaline related activities from the first person perspective. CMR’s mantra is to capture the adrenaline so that we can see the world through your eyes.

Be an Amigo

The CMR website invites you to have your own page to store and share your video collection. Amigos will be able to communicate with other Amigos and share real time information on mountain conditions/activities. As global adrenaline junkies we invite you to unite and create a core community.

Join »

Winter X Games Preview

The guys competing in SuperPipe dropped into Buttermilk’s massive pipe this morning, marking the official start of the Winter X Games. “X Games is definitely the most fun and the most exciting event of the year,” says reigning SuperPipe Champion David Wise. “The [SuperPipe] contest is going to be pretty heated and I’m just excited to get into it.”

It’s all up for grabs in men’s SuperPipe. Headlining the roster of athletes is 2012 Champion Wise. But teenagers like Torin Yater-Wallace, Noah Bowman, and Aaron Blunck are contenders as well.

“Unfortunately we lost Justin Dorey to an injury, and I think he was my biggest competition out here,” says Wise. “[Dorey] has been pushing me lately, but there are some young up and comers I’m looking for, too. You have to watch out for Torin. That kid is always going to ski well in finals, he’s a contest rider for sure. And, then Aaron Blunck is coming up through the ranks. He got a last minute invite [to X Games Aspen], and I’m excited to watch him ride because I’ve ridden with him for a long time.”

The Buttermilk crew has been cutting the SuperPipe four times a day to make sure it’s prime, and the athletes say it’s pristine.

“You can go into the X Games with the trust that everything is going to be perfect,” says Wise. “The SuperPipe is so perfectly cut, and that’s why people go bigger at the X Games than they do anywhere else. Because you can land so high and so consistently that you can carry so much speed so by the time you hit your last hit it really should be the biggest hit of your run.”

The men and women skiers will be practicing on the adjacent Slopestyle course while Wise is battling it out in the SuperPipe today to move on to the Finals. Just like the resounding positives we keep hearing about the conditions in the SuperPipe, the Slopestyle course has athletes stoked.

Slopestyle course has athletes stoked.

“This is the best slopestyle course I’ve ever skied, for sure,” says Bobby Brown. “That rail guard plaza up top is dialed in and the jumps are perfectly lined up, too. [The jumps] are super close together and technical, but at the same time really smooth and floaty. That last one is almost as big as the Big Air jump.”

The usual Slopestyle suspects are on-site. Whenever Tom Wallisch is on-hand you have to take notice. Wallisch—defending Winter X Games Slopestyle Champion and three-peat Powder Video Awards Reader Poll winner—is riding a ton of momentum heading into Aspen. Teenager Nick Goepper is as technical as anyone, and, according to Bobby Brown, “There are all sorts of kids from Canada that are super good on the rails. Alex Bellemare is one to look for because he’s so smooth and has all the rail tricks, he’s good on the jumps as well.”

On the women’s side, Kaya Turski, who has won gold in Slopestyle at the last six consecutive X Games, agrees with Brown about the Slopestyle course. “I think it’s really flowing. It’s a really tight course but everybody I’ve talked to is having a lot of fun on it.”

There’s a mix of established veterans and eager newbies that will be battling Turski for the top spot in Women’s Slopestyle.

“It’s awesome to see the women’s ski side really blowing up,” says Turski. “I think that with the Olympic push there has been a lot of serious training going on. I’m definitely keeping my eye on a couple of veterans in the sport—Anna Segal from Australia and Ashley Battersby. There are some new up-and comers, too, like my teammate from Team Canada Dara Howell.”

Take note of Emilia Wint and Yuki Tsubota. The young park skiers will turn heads with their rail skills and big-time arsenal of tricks off the jumps. The three newcomers will be pushing Turski, Segal, and the “old guard.”

When it comes to the Women’s SuperPipe, Roz Groenewoud is coming off a dominating 2012 season in the halfpipe, and is looking to repeat as gold medalist.

Stay tuned in with throughout X Games for daily coverage. And, check back later today for a guide on how to do Aspen properly during X Games.

Skiing Event Schedule

Thursday, January 24
10:30 AM – 12 PM
Skiing SuperPipe Men’s Elimination (at the SuperPipe)

Friday, January 25
1 PM – 2:30 PM
Skiing Slopestyle Men’s Elimination (at the Slopestyle Course)
6:30 PM – 7:45 PM
Skiing SuperPIpe Women’s Final (at the SuperPipe)
8:45 PM – 10 PM
Skiing SuperPipe Men’s Final (at the SuperPipe)

Saturday, January 26
7 PM – 9 PM
Skiing Big Air Round One & Final (at the Big Air Booter)

Sunday, January 27
12 PM – 1:15 PM
Skiing Slopestyle Men’s Final (at the Slopestyle Course)
1: 30 PM – 2:45 PM
Skiing Slopestyle Women’s Final (at the Slopestyle Course)


How to Take the Best Skiing and Snowboarding Pictures

Few sports are as dynamic and fun to watch as skiing and snowboarding. Capturing the speed, skill and technique of advanced skiers can make for a great photograph. Also, a picture of the first time a friend or family member hits the slopes can make a great memento to fondly look back at.

However, the ski slopes can be a particularly difficult environment to take a composed and balanced photograph in. Dynamic shots are always tricky to time right, and the speed of downhill skiers can make it even harder to focus on the subject. Sun glare and exposure are also factors to consider, as the snowy backdrop can play havoc with the automatic levels on most digital cameras. Thankfully, with just a few simple techniques, skiing and boarding photographs can come out picture perfect.

Preparing Equipment

If you’re planning to take photographs in between skiing or boarding, always bring a durable case to protect the camera, as the slightest tumble can cause damage. A wrist strap is also a good idea, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping the camera while taking a photo. Also be aware that the cold weather can cause condensation, so it’s important to keep the camera warm when out on the slopes. Storing a camera in a warm coat pocket or in a case will stop the lens from fogging up when its time to take a photograph, and it will also make the batteries last a little bit longer.

Choose The Right Camera Settings

Many modern digital cameras come with a preset ‘Snow’ scene setting. When selected, this will take into consideration the white backdrop of the photographs and will compensate for the added brightness. If your camera doesn’t have this preset, try increasing the exposure settings and take a few test photographs to check that the scene brightness is nice and clear. Photographs with the correct brightness and exposure levels will make the snow look crisp and vibrant, rather than grey and dull.

Setting Up Your Position

If you’re trying to get a shot of someone coming down the slopes, position yourself near the bottom so you can easily focus on them as they come towards the camera. Try to track the subject with the viewfinder of the camera as they come closer, so they are in focus when you want to take the shot. Choosing the right spot is also important so that you can make sure that there aren’t any distracting things in the background, like a ski lift or other people. A tripod can come in handy for stability if you want the photographs to look as professional as possible, but remember that you’ll have to carry it around on the slopes all day.

Get The Right Angle

You are likely to get blurred photographs if you are standing off to the side of skiers and boarders, so try to be in front of them while staying safe and without getting in their way. Again, this gives you time to focus and to get the timing right. It helps if the subject is not directly in front of the sun, as they will just look like a silhouette on the photograph. Try to position yourself in front of the sun, so the scene is well-lit and glare is not an issue. A good tip is to crouch down if you are photographing a skier or boarder mid-jump or performing a trick. This will exaggerate the height of the jump, even if it is small, and really emphasise the action and dynamic nature of the shot.

Source: simply piste

The North Face Announces Sixth Annual Masters of Snowboarding Schedule for 2013

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (November 12, 2012) – The North Face Masters of Snowboarding presented by PrimaLoft will take place February 13-17, 2013 at Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows in Lake Tahoe, California. The event will feature top big mountain snowboard competitors battling for The North Face Masters of Snowboarding champion title, $15,000 in prize money and a chance to advance to the 2014 SWATCH Freeride World Tour by The North Face.

The event will feature one open 2-star Freeride World Qualifier (FWQ) event at Alpine Meadows (Feb. 13-14) with the top five men and top three females advancing to the Masters 4-star Championship event. The Masters Championship event will take place over two days (Feb. 14-17) at Squaw Valley immediately following the qualifier event at Alpine Meadows. Riders participating in the Squaw Valley competition will also earn 4-star FWQ points. A seeding list will be created to qualify athletes for the 4-star event based off 2012 Masters of Snowboarding and Salomon Extreme Freeride Championships results.

“We are truly thrilled and honored to welcome The North Face Masters to our mountains,” said Andy Wirth, president and CEO of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. “The North Face Masters is undeniably one of the most prestigious events in big mountain snowboarding, and we look forward to watching the best snowboarders test their skills on our legendary terrain.”

In addition to the championship title, The North Face will also grant the A-Rob award in honor and memory of the late Master’s champion Aaron Robinson. The A-Rob award captures the spirit of the community and desire to explore the mountains. Another award up for grabs is The Young Gun Award for the under 21 rider who demonstrates raw talent, an innovative riding style and exemplifies true sportsmanship and passion for the mountains.

“Now in it’s sixth season, The North Face Masters is one of the largest big mountain snowboarding competition in the country, providing an opportunity for established riders, as well as up-and-comers, to put together a winning run during competition,” said The North Face Director, Sports Marketing Katie Ramage. “Utilizing control, fluidity, creativity and style in choosing their line, riders embrace the natural features within the venue to showcase their sport which continues to advance. We’re excited to bring this event to Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows given their world class terrain and history of attracting world class riders.”

The North Face Masters is part of the Freeride World Qualifier system. FWQs are rated on a 1 to 4-star scale with competitors earning more or less points at events according to venue difficulty and scale, competitive pool and other factors. The Masters is the top-level qualifier event and a pivotal step for athletes hoping to advance to the SWATCH Freeride World Tour by The North Face.

Athlete registration will open on December 4, 2012 at 10 a.m. MST. The North Face Masters is open to all men and women age 18 and above. For more information, please visit or


Ski season is not over just yet!  Burton Snowboards’ “Wild on B” brings us Heat Seeking Lock Off Shots.  


Check out the crew of “Ride with Us” creating a little March Madness up in the powder of the Washington mountains.


Winter X Games Europe is over but the celebration is not! Congratulations to the rockstar GoPro athletes who brought home 6 medals from Tignes 2012! Enjoy their victories as the GoPro Team takes the show on the road to French Alps!

Shot 100% on the new HD HERO2® camera from From Go Pro on YouTube.

Get your Go Pro from Ski Pro.


K2 Snowboards brings us “A quick edit from Kyle Miller snowboarding from earlier today at Alpine Meadows. Kyle says ‘A good morning of pow at Alpine Meadows, good start to the big storm ahead.’”

Are you getting in some last minute runs this season? Let us know! Where’s your favorite spot?

Get your winter gear at amazing prices at Ski Pro.


March is here but the delightful ski and snowboard season is still upon us in the Northern Hemisphere.

Check out this clip of Jackson Hole’s Burton Stash Park from KGB Productions. Ahh, delicious powder, delicate backcountry, what’s not to love?

Have a favorite end of season spot? Let us know!

Get amazing snowboards and skis at insane prices from Ski Pro.


Check out Episode 3 of Sebis’ Different Direction from Ride Snowboards.  The powder is insane!  Enjoy the last of the season before it’s too late.  Get your gear at Ski Pro today.


Check out Ride Snowboards Ride with Us web series.  In this episode, “Big Sky Country”  the boys get some good ‘ol fashioned riding in.

With not much going on in the Northwest the RWU crew jumped in the car and drove East to Cook City, MT to meet up with Todd Kirby and friends. Soon upon arrival in “kook city” came large volumes of snow! After about 5 hours there were already 7-8 inches on the ground, so we headed up the hill and built 2 jumps to have them ready when the weather cleared. Once the jumps where built we just explored the area and kept going back to the jumps to make sure no one high marked the landing. Well luckily enough at the same exact time that the sun came out, 2 snowboarders and a sledneck put tracks in both of the jump landings, subsequently ending the trip… When we got home we decided it would be best just to board in our backyard, “Ski Acres”.

Get amazing prices on Ride gear at Ski Pro today!


Shot 100% on the HD HERO® camera from GoPro®. Witness world-record holding, extreme skier Jamie Pierre cliff huck from an unbelievable elevation. We miss the amazing skier dearly and are grateful for all that he brought to this incredible sport.

Video from GoProCamera Channel.

Get your Go Pro gear along with all your other winter gear needs at Ski Pro today!  The best month of the season is upon us!



Need a little motivation to get up on the mountain?  Check out these kids tearing up the slopes with tricks and insane skills.

Ah, just makes you want to snowboard! Get your gear at Ski Pro while winter is still here.


The words “kicker” and “hip” hardly seem accurate enough to describe these massive features built at Mammoth last spring during the filming of Standing Sideways. Watch as the crew of Charles Reid, Mikkel Bang, Mark McMorris, Terje Haakonsen, Danny Davis, Seppe Smits, and Kazu Kokubo make short work out of these tall beasts.


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