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Arizona is known for its arid climate, but luckily for water loving residents and visitors, Arizona also just happens to be home to some of the best wakeboarding lakes in the country.  Here is a quick peek at our top three picks for where to wakeboard when in Arizona.

Get your butt into Ski Pro

Hurry up and get in on our great end of summer deals on everything you need for Wake/water ski, Skate and Swim. If you can’t make it in to one of our locations, you can always visit our online store which is, of course, open 24/7.

Get your gear now before the summer ends!

ATTENTION LADIES – Liquid Force Ladies’ Luna Wakeboard 2010 ON SALE

The Liquid Force Luna features a 3-stage rocker pop with a continuous rocker flow. This board will help you to continue progressing across the wake like never before. Add in a lifted rail line and you’ve got a board that any rider can spin with confidence. You’ll fearlessly be trying tricks you never imagined!

Regular Price: $279.95

Sale Price: $149.95


  • Three Stage, Hybrid Rocker
  • Exaggerated Variable Edges
  • D-I-S-C Hull Through Center
  • Tip Exiting Slots
  • Warped Molded-In Fins


Featured Product: Liquid Force Press Wakeboard

Looking for a wakeboard? This deal is too hot to pass up!

Liquid Force Press Wakeboard 2008

Product ID: 248712-1

Regular Price: $429.95

Special Price: $99.95

Savings of up to: $330.00 – 77%


Get ready for a completely new type of ride from Liquid Force! With the introduction of the Press Series, we’re unveiling a flex and feel unlike other board in our line. Taking technology that’s been used in our other product division for several years, we’ve been able to create a board with a unique flex pattern. Not soft…not stiff… a combination of both. If you’re looking to load up the line and pop off the wake, the snappy flex of our Press is unmatched. If you’re looking to “press” on the rails like Shane Bonifay is known for, the product is ready for you. Mike Ennen has helped us create not only the flex and feel of this series, but the look, as well. For the first time in LF History we have utilized a team rider’s artistic talents to create the graphic. Mike not only drafted his142 Graphic to reflect his Northwest heritage, he also put the ink down on Shane’s136 giving it that classic Shane Bonifay Flair that we’ve come to expect!


  • Composite Foam Core -Lightweight, flexible core
  • Super Flex Profile -Allows rider to press on rails and gives unique snap/kick off wake *Flex specific to board/rider size
  • ABS Sidewall Construction -Added durability and strength, Allows board to flex not break
  • Single Concave Hull -Smooth flow through water. Catch free on rails
  • Mike Ennen’s LF Exclusive Artwork –
  • Wide Profile -Gives stability when on water and the extra volume allows for more push off wake.
  • Quad Fin Setup -Clean hold with minimal drag
  • Blank With Fin

Get yours here!



Welcome to the Weekend

Even though it’s been a short week for most of you, it’s still probably been too long since you were out on the water!

Thanks to everyone who stopped in at Ski Pro this week; we love helping you guys out! Enjoy the weekend and we will see you on Monday!

Ski Pro Rents

Memorial weekend is just around the corner. The lakes will be busy and you’ll want to have all the toys to make the long weekend as much fun as possible!

Come see us this week and we will get you set up!

Best Photos of 2012: Jason Lee

TransWorld Wake announced Jason Lee as the 2012 Photographer of the Year. The field of competition was loaded with past winner like Josh Letchworth, Joey Meddock, and Bryan Soderlind. Several riders were quick to express why they enjoyed working with him. His flexibility, creativity, hard work, and laid-back style were the attributes that topped the list. Check out some of J Lee masterpieces from this year.

WakeWorld 2012 Riders Choice Web Video of the Year

Breddas was shot over three months in Thailand at Wake a Lot and Thai Wake Park. Hoppe brothers Benjamin, Mattias, and Jeremia star in the web video of the year presented by Wake World:


Hope everyone had a great weekend. Going back to work Monday morning can be painful at times, but not as painful as these wicked crashes. Remember a bad day on the lake is better than a day in the office!

Hyperlite Men’s Murray Nova Wakeboard With Fin 2012

The goal of the Murray series was to design a board that utilized the pro model features that Shaun has become accustomed to while finding the balance of that user-friendly ride anyone could enjoy. Shaun’s new shape begins with his first ever Subtle 3-stage rocker line. This new rocker gives the Murray more pop than ever before but it’s subtle enough to maintain great speed into the wake and make carving as natural as his previous shapes. The new dual tunnel base contours allow for maximum water flow past the removable .8″ P-Wing fins which creates a responsive edge but still allows for a quick release off the wake. This new shape is finished off with a variable edge design and exaggerated landing zone for a smooth edge transitions and soft landings.


  • Greg Nelson Design
  • All New fully Machined Nova Core
  • Carbon Torsion Bars
  • Strata Mounting System
  • Enduro Base
  • Subtle 3-Stage Rocker
  • Variable Edge Design
  • Dual Tunnel Channel System
  • Exaggerated Landing Zone
  • Minimum Swing Weight Profile
  • Fins: 4 – .8″ P-Wing


Wakeboarding on a cargo ship taking you into the weekend! Hit the lake and have fun!

Download: WAKE MD App for iPad

Learn from the Best!

Shaun Murray has had a prolific wakeboard career with dozens of wakeboard titles to his name. Shaun Murray was instrumental with developing the sport and he was the first wakeboarder ever to land a 900. He stands alone as the only person ever to hold World, Pro Tour and National champion titles at once, and was given a “Legend” award from Wakeboard magazine in 2005.


It’s time to expand your bag of tricks on the water. No matter what level of rider you are, this app provides over 85 Wakeboard lessons, tricks and tips. This app draws from Shaun’s fifteen years of teaching experience along with developing the two best selling DVD’s, Detention and Detention 2012. This truly is a great tool to improve your riding and  double your trick list. Use your iPhone/iPad to study the tricks and tips at home or bring Shaun’s advice with you on the boat with you.

Customer Reviews

“Awesome app from an awesome role model for my kids. Instructional is great. I would rate it with 5 stars, but the free thing is a little misleading. A little taste for the beginners at lower cost would benefit this app. Thanks Murray.”

“So stoked for the summer now that someone so talented and solid in his faith has taken the time to selflessly share the ins and outs of a fabulous sport so we can all get better! Shaun is legit and this epic app is just what the world of wakeboarding was crying for! Thanks a ton Shaun!!!”

“My experiences wakeboarding have always been met with difficulties. From an injury sustained on my first outing to paid instructional courses that I barely benefited from. This app though condenses my previous experiences simply enough that viewing instructional courses on my ipad while on the boat beforehand gave me enough of a refresher to perform better than I ever have before. Excellent.”



Today is a great day to start wakeboarding, whether you are three-years-old or sixty. Check out SkiPro’s selection of wakeboards and boots or come visit us as any of our three SkiPro locations.

Boat Driving Tip of The Day

Driving a boat is similar to driving; they both take practice. Driver’s education has become wide spread to the point where almost everyone takes the course. However, with boating if you are over the age of 16, no course is required. This doesn’t make anyone exempt from safety!  The Arizona Boating Safety Board offers free study material. Have fun on the water and always keep safety on your mind and get certified.

Here is your boat driving tip of the day from

Words: Travis Moye  Photo: Bill Doster

It seems like every time I’m out on a public lake there’s some guy whipping huge turns under full power to double back and pick up a fallen rider — seriously, every time, without fail. The problem with power turns is that they send rollers all the way down the lake, generally transforming a nice day on the water into a huge churning mess. Power turners also bounce everyone around in the boat, surround fallen riders with a ton of huge rollers and waste a bunch of gas unnecessarily. Long story short, drivers who power turn are jerks — no different than the telemarketer who calls your house at 7 a.m. on a Saturday. In this wakeboard how to, follow these steps for perfect pickups. You’ll not only keep the entire lake much calmer, but you’ll also actually pick up your rider faster than you would with a power turn.

Neutralize As soon as the rider falls, chop the throttle to neutral. As you do this, turn the steering wheel either right or left to set up a little pre-turn just like you would if the boat were under power. I like turning left because my boat makes a tighter circle in idle to the right.

Turn around Once the boat comes off plane, put it in idle and turn the wheel completely to the right. You will have to go over very little rollers.

Head back Idle back in a straight line to your rider. Make sure to drive about 20 feet away so that when you circle around your rider the rope will catch him but he won’t have the entire length of the rope drag down his body as you tighten up.

Pick up and go Once the rider gets the rope, tap the boat in and out of gear. When you can tell the handle is 10 to 15 feet away from his hands, take it out of gear and coast so you don’t yank the rider abruptly. Once the rider has the handle and is ready, drop the hammer.


Hot deal on Liquid Force Ladies Diva Wakeboard 2008 from SkiPro

The Summer solstice marked the official beginning of summer. Now it’s here and we are looking down a seemingly endless tunnel of days with three digit mercury readings on the Fahrenheit scale. What better way to beat the heat than to hit the lake. Ski Pro has all the gear you need to stay afloat.

Ladies check out a deal you shouldn’t pass up! The Liquid Force Ladies Diva Wakeboard 2008 is a great option for riders looking for their first board. You can expect a smooth flowing predictable feel on the water, along with plenty of stability and traction.


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