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Arizona is known for its arid climate, but luckily for water loving residents and visitors, Arizona also just happens to be home to some of the best wakeboarding lakes in the country.  Here is a quick peek at our top three picks for where to wakeboard when in Arizona.


It’s Labor Day weekend, so take a break from your labor and watch this awesome video of the Team Breddas boys doing what they do best…

Harley Clifford’s winning run at the MasterCraft PWT season finale

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out this video of Harley Clifford’s winning run at the MasterCraft Boat Company PWT season finale. It’s pretty stellar, including the crowning moment when Harley lands a double indy tantrum.


Check out this video put together by Liquid Force films, highlighting everything we love about wakeboarding, skateboarding, and everything in between.

Happy Friday!


Here’s an awesome vid to take you into the weekend:

Bec Gange, female wakeboarder, shredding at a few wake parks and behind a Supra SA. Girls just wanna have fun!


Newcomers to the wakeboarding scene, Zach Kent and Cody Karstedt, rip it up at the Cajun X Cables Wake Park in Lafayette, Louisiana:


Inspiring! Over the last few years, the story of Alexa Score team rider for Liquid Force, Spy, and HDX Hydration has become known. Now at age 23, she is stronger and healthier than ever. She also continues to improve her wakeboarding. Check back in with Alexa and her motivating journey through life in this video put together by HooplaHa.

How to find the best wakeboard life jacket for you

By  for

You can’t ride without a board and boots, and it’s tough to get towed without a rope and handle, but a wakeboard life jacket is probably a rider’s most vital piece of gear. After all, life jackets are exactly what their name implies: your lifeline when the unexpected happens on the water. As a result, making sure you buy and wear a properly fitted life jacket could actually save your life. Here are five rules to follow when shopping for the best life jacket for you. — Chelsy Tracz

USCGA versus comp

U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets meet official standards for both buoyancy and impact protection. Competition or comp vests are designed for pros riding in contests and do not meet Coast Guard requirements. Put simply, a USCGA life jacket will keep you afloat when your life is on the line; a comp vest might not. If your love for life doesn’t compel you to opt for a USCGA life jacket, maybe your wallet will. In many states, laws require you to use a USCGA jacket at all times, and you can be ticketed for wearing a jacket that doesn’t meet official standards.

Tight is right

Your life jacket should be snug — really snug. “When you wear a properly fitted vest, it should be hard to breathe when you’re in the store,” says Jeremy Thornell, manager at the Salt Lake City wake shop Marine Products. In fact, think of your life jacket as a second skin. You don’t want any air between you and the jacket, because that air can cause bruised rips when you take a fall. Also, consider that most jackets have a tendency to stretch when wet. When you take a plunge, you don’t want your jacket 3 inches off your shoulder and halfway up your face. Bottom line: If you get an extra large when, in fact, you’re a large, your life jacket isn’t going to be safe or comfortable.

Find the perfect fit

Every manufacturer has a weight range for each of its life jackets as well as a corresponding chest size. Chest size is the most accurate indicator of proper fit, but most people don’t know their exact chest measurements. Therefore, it’s often easiest to use your weight as a starting point. Also, remember the proper size can change from manufacturer to manufacturer and even from jacket to jacket. “Each vest is cut differently,” says Bill Porter, owner of Orlando’s iconic wake shop Performance Ski & Surf. “Certain vests are going to fit certain people better than others, depending on their body makeup.” As a result, finding the right one will involve a process of elimination.

Try it on

Sure, online shopping is convenient, but considering the importance of a life jacket’s fit in it functioning properly, there’s no substitute for your local wake shop. “Just like buying shoes, you want to see different models, understand what justifies price difference and make sure that it fits properly,” Porter says. Trying on several brands and multiple models is the best way to ensure you pick the best life jacket for you. Plus, you won’t have to go it alone. Your local wake shop’s staff can guide you through everything from stretch characteristics to each jacket’s unique cut.

Test it out

“Bend over, flex your back, rotate side to side, twist and see how it is restricting your movement,” Thornell suggests. To ensure optimal mobility, it’s not a bad idea to also mimic passing the handle and grabbing the board. Just keep in mind that a jacket may feel much more restricting in the store. In fact, Thornell says most jackets tend to loosen up a good 10 to 15 percent once wet. With that in mind, Porter suggests another test. “If it has a zipper on the front, you should have to stretch it to get it to zip up,” he says. “It shouldn’t come together easily and zip up without any effort.” Ultimately, it’s important that your new life jacket passes the test of tightness.



Fox just dropped another sick edit of Reed Hansen from their We Live campaign. Go behind the scenes with Reed for 24 hours as he scopes the spot he chose to shoot on with Ian Reid for his latest Fox ad. This guy has one of the craziest lifestyles of anyone in the sport, Enjoy!


5 Wakeboarding Tips for Success

Wakeboarding is a sport that can be enjoyed by all. Just like most sports it requires patience and practice to improve. Whether you have yet to get up on a wakeboard or are just starting out, these tips will help you bring your game to the next level:

Keep Your Rope Long

In order to become successful at wakeboarding you will need a lot of practice to get used to the waves. You want to make sure that you keep your rope a pretty good distance away from the boat at first until you get used to the wake from the water. The longer your rope is the calmer the water will be, which will help you get used to the way your feet need to be aligned. Longer rope is important for anyone if they want to become good at it.

Change Speed by Balancing Your Weight

In order to become a successful wakeboarder you will need to know how to change your speed by using your own weight. By shifting your weight you will be able to stay balanced and will have an easier time slowing down or speeding up, depending upon the water conditions. You want to take your back foot and lean your body weight behind the back foot in order to slow down. If you choose to speed up then you will need to place all of your weight over the top of your front foot. This is important because not only will this help you speed up or slow down but it will also keep you safe by enabling you to balance better.

Stay Determined

As with all sports, it is important to stay determined and keep thinking positively, even if you do not master wakeboarding on the first attempt. Wakeboarding is something you will likely have to practice over a long period of time in order to become successful, so you should not give up. Determination and believing in your ability to achieve is a very important aspect to becoming successful and eventually you will be as good as a professional.

Never Rely On a Speedometer

Whenever you are wakeboarding it is important not to rely on a speedometer to tell you how fast or slow you are going. Speedometers can easily malfunction and might not be giving you an accurate reading on your speed. In order to become successful at wakeboarding, you need to rely on yourself when it comes to your speed and whether or not you should go faster or slower. Also, if you just increase your speed without thinking about it then you are likely to become injured because you will not be balanced. When it comes to safety, you want to increase your speed gradually and rely on combining speed with balance for best results.

Know Which Foot is the Lead

In order to become a success at wakeboarding, you first must determine which foot is your lead foot for water sports. This is the front foot and it will most likely be the same foot for all water sports. One way to determine which foot you lead with is to watch yourself put on a pair of pants and see which leg you put into your pants first, which will help you understand what lead foot you are. A regular is someone that puts their left foot forward first, and a “goofy” is the term for those who put their right foot forward. Once you know this you will be able to adjust and practice your stance and balance accordingly, and it is essential to the key fundamentals of any water sport.



Over the weekend Phil Soven took the top of the podium at the first stop of the Pro Wakeboard Tour in Acworth, GA. Watch the video to see his winning run filled with big air and wicked spins.


Who thinks they should bring a competition like this to ASU? A lot of big crashes in the video – these guys had to be sore the next day. Gear up for another beautiful weekend and stop by Ski Pro. Tear it up and enjoy!


Ever wonder what it’s like to be a professional wakeboarder? Sleep in, go out and ride a few sets, get some practice on the trampoline, eat lunch, play some basketball, go out and ride again, eat dinner, enjoy the nightlife. Sounds rough, huh? The worst part of his day was the boat running out of gas. Check out the video as Bob Soven gives us a look into a day in his life. I can definitely think of worse jobs to have.

A Day in the Life of Bob Soven from Liquid Force on Vimeo.


Across the pond wakeboarding is taking on a new form – art. The Felipe Museum has been a mecca for Arts and Sciences in Valencia since its opening in 2000. Spectators now show up in droves to watch the top riders show their best stuff on “Lake Prince Felipe”. Watch the video as this art comes to life!


Who thinks we should bring in some rails like this for Rail Jam? Lots of creativity in this video; should give you some good ideas!

The Shredtown crew is back after a short hiatus from dropping web edits for good reason. Word is they have been stacking footage for their new full length film Drop the Gun. Lucky for us they let this flow through their media channels and into your eyes and ears. Andrew, Chris, and Davis let fellow Slingshot teammate Dylan Miller in on the tube fun.


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