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Posts Tagged ‘wakeboarding’

Beat the heat – water sports gear and accessories at Ski Pro

As I’m sure you all have noticed, the heat is back! Arguably the best way to seek relief from the hundred degree heat is to cool off in a lake. While swimming is great exercise, boating, wakeboarding, skiing, tubing, etc. seem to be much more popular and fun!

You can find all the necessities here

With our knowledgeable staff and great prices think Ski Pro for your water sports needs.

When it Rains it Pours (or Wakeboards) [VIDEO]

The gratuitous amount of rain hitting Tauranga, New Zealand isn’t stopping these Papamoa guys from wakeboarding. Watch them skim across the flood reserve in less than ideal conditions.

Read the full story HERE

A unique look at wakeboarding using LED lights

The folks at Snap! photography and riders from Team Red Bull collaborated by mixing sport, art, and technology to generate some amazing results. With the use of LED lights these riders painted the night sky with their wakeboards. See how they did it and more photos at:


Check out what promises to be a series full of insane riding from wakeboarding’s best young talents. The crew of  Gunner Daft, JB ONeill, Mike Dowdy, Keenan Allen, Robby Holihan, Gordon Harrison, Cory Teunissen and Brad Teunissen live, ride and film together and they will no doubt be progressing all season. Florida is warming up, so expect to see new tricks as this series continues.


Happy Wednesday to all you adrenaline junkies out there!

After successfully wakeboarding behind a helicopter – yes, you read that right – Troy Hartman describes his experience this way:

“The wakeboarding part was a blast, but the climb to altitude was utterly exhausting and wrecked my back. I would never do this again.”

Watch his stunt below:


Monday morning movie time!

Halloween Costume Ride

Anyone planning on riding this weekend? Wear your costume and post the pictures on our Facebook page. Here are some ideas to inspire you! Trick or Treat…

Nautique WWA Wakeboard National Championships Presented by Rockstar To Air on NBC Sports Network

The heat is still on with the mercury predicted to reach near 100 degrees Fahrenheit again today. Beat the heat, enjoy the AC and watch wakeboarding’s biggest contest. The 2012 Nautique WWA Wakeboard National Championships presented by Rockstar will be available in approximately 78 million homes tomorrow when NBC Sports Network broadcasts the 30 minute episode at 4 p.m. (EST). West Chester, OH hosted the event and featured more than 20 divisions including Men’s Pro and Women’s Pro, the sport’s two elite divisions.

“Tomorrow’s airing of the Nautique WWA Nationals on NBC Sports Network will be available to more fans than ever and the high-definition broadcast will let them watch wakeboarding in the highest-quality available. It’s definitely must see TV for all action sports enthusiasts,” said Sean Dishman, World Sports & Marketing’s director of sales and marketing.

Tune in to NBC Sports Network to catch the top pro riders, as they compete in the sport’s most elite competition series for big prize money and to determine who is the King of Wake.

For more information visit


An unusual wake location to start your week off! If you haven’t already, mark your calendar for Rail Jam on Oct. 13th!


Anyone interested in wakeboarding in exotic locations should take a gander at Erika Langman’s account of her trip to Lake Arensal, Costa Rica:

Costa Rica has always been one of those destinations on every Canadian’s bucket list, its tropical, has a unique Spanish-influenced culture and for the young sports enthusiasts it is the ideal destination to chase waves. After a long winter of park laps on Ontario’s ice-ridden Niagara Escarpment myself and fellow rider Leslie Sparkes were drooling over the idea of margaritas, coconuts and surfer boys on white sand beaches.

The next day we were greeted by Canadian Pro rider Ashley Leugner who had been coaching at PACR earlier that week in La Fortuna. Reunited, we pounded back a few Imperials and set out in search of the ‘bros’, our new found friends from the big city of Vancouver and Toronto. They had conveniently booked a package complete with surf lessons from the local ‘fabio’ and were oh so gracious to share their tips with us. However, more than often they hadn’t actually received any, since fabio was pretty consumed with giving the best tips to the girls in their group wearing string bikinis.

Patio beers, delicious dinner and a few Tamarindo margaritas later, we headed out for bed so we could get up to ride high tide in the AM.

After a week of surfing, catamaran rides, Argentinean barbeque (which ultimately resulted in a full day ride on the porcelain train), Jonathan Turcotte of Paradise Adventures Costa Rica picked us up to head out to La Fortuna. Driving through the hills we watched the dry grass and smell of smoke slowly be replaced by clear volcanic streams flowing into Lake Arenal at the base of the Arenal Volcano. The Arenal Volcano is the 7th most active volcano in the world, we were actually able to see smoke rising out of it on numerous occasions.

We stayed at PACR where we met Sofia, who is a Costa Rican local. She showed us where to pick coco plants, and fed us white furry Guava fruit. I was pretty skeptical at first because it closely resembled a small hamster but it ended up being pretty darn good.

After a full day of zip lining, suspension bridges, rope swings and river lounging we prepped the boat to get out to the lake and ride. First sets of the season are always a little rusty but the lake worked its magic and we all got a few good hits in. You can never go wrong wakeboarding at the base of a Volcano. Overall it was an amazing trip, a special thanks to Jonny and Sofia for the great hospitality and teaching us the Pura Vida way.


Step 1: Live in Turkey.
Step 2: Have a capable team of misfits willing to do your bidding.
Step 3: Find 5 guys with cameras to film the whole thing so when you tell your friends and family, you have proof when they call you a liar just like Red Bull athlete Duncan Zuur did when he wakeboarded behind a ferry between Yenikapi and Bandirma in Turkey.

Wake Brothers debuts on MTV

Phil and Bob Soven are the newest addition to MTV’s list of original series coming to you as ‘WakeBrothers’. They both have enjoyed success as wakeboarding superstars, but the role as TV star is unfamiliar for both brothers. Although related by blood, their personalities are extremely different.

When asked if the show is an accurate dipiction of their lives, wakeboarding champion Phil replied, “There are some episodes that are wakeboard heavy and into our lives and then there are some that are totally random, just random antics and screwing around having fun. We put a lot a work into it and it was a long process to get to that point, so for it to actually work out and find out we were actually going to be doing it was almost a weight off of our shoulders, we were waiting for so long to find out if anything was going to happen with this and it did.”

Bob, 20, is often described as the “daffy clown” who often leaves his brother Phil, 23, behind at their home in Windermere, Florida. This is a reality show, but does the show actually reflect their true lives? The boys were asked to just  ”Do their things.”  So, “there’s parts where we amped it up, had some fun, and played some jokes, but our main goal is to have fun!”

Phil compares his brother to the well known Carrot Top, “No need to amp him up, that is pretty much how he is.” Bob concurs. “If it’s got red hair and says a lot of things that don’t make sense, then that’s me,” he said. “I think the show will show our differences and the peculiar way we interact.”

‘Wake Brothers’ debuted with back-to-back episodes at 11 p.m. Wednesday 7/25. “The biggest thing I hope is it brings the mass media to wakeboarding and grows an entire industry,” Phil said. Wake Brothers consists of 12 episodes  shot over 14 weeks.


Wakeboarding in Glacier Island, Alaska, taking you into the weekend!

It may be 100 degrees out, but this video puts A/C to shame, brrrrrr…


The results are in! On the second leg for the King of Wake tour, Harley Clifford claims victory at the 2012 Pro Stop Tour #1 and Nicola Butler takes the win for the Women’s Pro Division. The competition was neck and neck this last weekend in Acworth, GA and we can’t wait to see what the competitors will bring to the table for Pro Stop Tour #2 in just two weeks!


The 2012 WWA Wake Park World Series (WPWS) kicks off on Thursday, May 3rd.  Over the course of five months and six stops, the WPWS will showcase the best athletes in the wakeboarding world. The stops are located anywhere from Texas to France to Abu Dhabi, where dozens of competitors, from over 20 countries, will all show up to compete for more than $125,000 in prizes.


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