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Wakeboarding – 2012 Pro Stop Tour #1

Wakeboarding – 2012 Pro Stop Tour #1

The results are in! On the second leg for the King of Wake tour, Harley Clifford claims victory at the 2012 Pro Stop Tour #1 and Nicola Butler takes the win for the Women’s Pro Division. The competition was neck and neck this last weekend in Acworth, GA and we can’t wait to see what the competitors will bring to the table for Pro Stop Tour #2 in just two weeks!

Did you watch the competition? Who do you think will take the King of Wake title? Let us know!

Here are the standing for the 2012 Prop Stop Tour #1 from this past weekend. Are you ready to get out on the lake? Get the hottest gear from Ski Pro today!

Pro Men Final
1. Harley Clifford – 90.00
2. Rusty Malinoski – 80.00
3. Phillip Soven – 75.00
4. Steel Lafferty – 65.00
5. Andrew Adkison – 45.00
6. Olivier Derome – 40.00

Pro Women Final
1. Nicola Butler – 81.67
2. Meagan Ethell – 68.33
3. Raimi Merritt – 60.00
4. Amber Wing – 58.33
5. Mellissa Marquardt – 50.00
6. Corrie Dyer – 45.00

Jr. Pro Men Finals
1. Mike Dowdy – 89.75
2. Dylan Prideaux – 86.75
3. Freddie Wayne – 84.75
4. Kyle Evans – 78.75

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  1. As already meitnoned the tower is to help you get air off the wake. However, when first starting, it does help to pull you up at a lower speed. Whether or not you think it is worth the investment is up to you. But you should consider how often you will actually use it as well as your skill level. As for the rope thing, it depends on what you prefer, however if you are just starting, I don’t see a need for you to drop around $70 on a quality handle/rope.

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